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    Caught Fire!

    Mating season. Nest real estate must be at a premium to go under a hood. One of many ways to fix. Need a copy of "L3301, L3901, L4701 Workshop Manual." Free copy at Last section in WSM, Electrical, has wiring diagram for the L4701, with conductor color coding. Can use this to...
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    Kubota BX2200 Unit Flasher

    Kubota does not sell individual connectors. But, that is an 8-pin connector used on Lexus and Toyota. Unique keying shown on your screenshots. One way would be to cut one off a salvaged vehicle. Another is to match up the automotive connector for ordering from an automotive connector supply.
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    PTO grinding L3800

    Boatman Thanks for your reply and the documentation in your thread for your own tractor. I'm sure that saxon will be studying it.
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    PTO grinding L3800

    Please, some questions for those who have split their machines. It looks that the transmission case is held by eight stud-washer-nut combinations. Splitting at this plane, does the bearing holder stay with the front of the tractor, and the transmission spacer stay with the back transmission...
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    PTO grinding L3800

    saxon L3800 HST from your other thread. My take is that I would rent a tiller because of time. If you have to order parts to fix something it may take awhile and you could lose your window. Not being there, I don't know the cause of the noise and would be concerned about secondary damage from...
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    L3800 runs then stalls

    Well its better now. I totally drained the fuel tank, filled up with fresh fuel, added a bottle of Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, 5.25 oz bottle - $7.50 Fired it up and it dont miss a beat. Good news that it was simple. Now I gotta fix the PTO grinding noise. You might want to start a...
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    L3800 runs then stalls

    saxon I would like to have a service manual. Where is the best place to get one at a good price? Best price is free at, directory Tractor Owners Manuals, file L3200 WSM.pdf. Any dealer can order a paper copy for you to buy. The L3200 and L3800 share the same WorkShop Manual...
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    L3800 runs then stalls

    saxon While waiting for Dave's reply, a quick word on L3800 air purge. Many posts on this forum about watching a Youtube video and wrenching fittings to purge air. You do not want to do that on an L3800. It will purge using the knob. Just follow the operator's manual and it will work exactly...
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    L3800 runs then stalls

    Dave Both L3800 manual and HST have a stop solenoid coil and key stop solenoid relay. The stop solenoid coil has two wires: pull with Black/red stripe; hold with Black/blue stripe. With connector disengaged, pull terminal is on the left and the hold terminal on the right. Resistance from...
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    I bought a brand new lemon and Kubota refuses to help me

    you need to find the real business addresses for two people. 1) CEO of Kubota USA 2) CEO of Kubota Japan The Japanese business model is that their dealers handle all customer interaction. However, Mr. Todd Stucke is the executive officer who covers product support. Address is: 1000 Kubota...
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    Recommended thread sealer for hydraulic application

    Loctite 567 for coarse threads; Loctite 545 for fine threads.
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    In frame honing of good bores.

    Thanks for sharing a good tutorial with us. Certainly shows another path to get it working when parts are not available or economical.
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    L2800HST PTO engagement noise

    Thanks for sharing your work and solution.
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    Need a replacement battery

    The critical thing here is vibration and shock to the battery plates. A Kubota battery or a Deere TY21764A will be built with that in mind. The (brand deleted: I ain't married to none of 'em) ... So it does depend on how you use the machine.
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    Moving trailers with FEL Bucket or Forks

    What's the argument against an A-frame with ball on the back three-point hitch?