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    When you don't use your tractor that much....

    Engine oil needs to be changed at least once a year, regardless of run hours. Tires checked for pressure regularly as you use it. Also don't want tractor sitting on flat tire. Grease by date, not by hours, as grease dries out.
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    Electrical Connectors

    The search can be narrowed to manageable with 1) it is a Japanese connector; 2) it goes on a motorcycle or ATV. With these search terms a few specialty vendors will be found with pictures and ID of the connectors. That's the fastest way I know. Digikey, Mouser, and Allied are good sources, but...
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    L1500 alternator replaced

    Another possible issue is with the mechanical regulator. If the points have gone bad, then too much current could be allowed through the field coil, indicated as a voltage rise. Not knowing if the regulator is original, it could be possible that the existing regulator has an adjustment setting...
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    L1500 alternator replaced

    Will a charging voltage of 18V damage my battery? Yes, it will damage it. Normal charging voltage should be about 14 VDC. I think that there is a wiring issue, which could include the ground (chassis) reference connection.
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    Headlight Wiring

    First, I'm not familiar with that particular model. However the WSM shows a harness 1 and a harness 2 - harness 2 serving the headlights. The connector from harness 1 to 2 is an eight-pin. The connector to the headlights is a three-pin, and it feeds both headlights. Maybe harness 2 is tucked...
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    Kubota L35 new engine from generator

    Wouldn't start on ether or anything While ether start has no problems on some other engines, Kubotas do not tolerate it. Several instances on this forum of broken and bent engine parts when starting fluid was attempted. Good luck on your new project. Hope that you'll report your progress.
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    Beginning to troubleshoot starting problems

    A Pro trick is to print the schematic - then use a hi-liter to mark what you've checked.
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    Beginning to troubleshoot starting problems

    If there are any tricks to chase down the problem with the Easy Checker lights and dash gauges, I'd love to know. Fear not. Check fuses so that there is a positive supply; ground for the cluster is bright and tight; connectors in the path are not loose or pins corroded.
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    Beginning to troubleshoot starting problems

    Some thoughts on troubleshooting. Switchology on tractor set as normal: such as PTO, seat, gear, neutral, etc. 1) High current circuit. 1a) Battery has been load tested or swapped with known good battery. A new battery may not necessarily be good. 1b) Battery conductors bright and tight at...
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    Cleaning the oil cooler, radiator and screen...

    This leads to the temperature rise to just below the red on the temperature gauge on my L3200. The result will be a permanent overheat due to the cylinder head cracking between ports. As the engine heats, everything is moving - cylinder head, gasket, engine block. By running close to the...
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    L3800 temperature guage

    Glad it got resolved. No worries.
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    L3800 temperature guage

    the detached green lead won’t even reach over there…is there possibly more than 1 temp sensor on this machine or something?!? Referring to the posted photo and from that side of the tractor. Find the temperature sensor electrical tab at the rear of the engine and on top close to the heat...
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    L3800 temperature guage

    The lead going to the coolant temperature sensor is a light green color. Possibly the loose lead is the one supposed to be going to the sensor? The L3200, L3800 Workshop Manual, page 9-S29 has the information for troubleshooting. First I would check that loose light green lead.
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    Caught Fire!

    Mating season. Nest real estate must be at a premium to go under a hood. One of many ways to fix. Need a copy of "L3301, L3901, L4701 Workshop Manual." Free copy at Last section in WSM, Electrical, has wiring diagram for the L4701, with conductor color coding. Can use this to...
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    Kubota BX2200 Unit Flasher

    Kubota does not sell individual connectors. But, that is an 8-pin connector used on Lexus and Toyota. Unique keying shown on your screenshots. One way would be to cut one off a salvaged vehicle. Another is to match up the automotive connector for ordering from an automotive connector supply.