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    Kubota B8200 - Any performance mods?

    It is a matter of fuel and air. The Kubota (or at least mine) is an NA engine. Unless the intake or exhaust design is super restrictive there won’t be much you can do to get more power. If you add fuel, without more air it won’t help….it could even hurt. It is like my old NA IDI diesel in my...
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    I think I have one of those laying around
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    I will have to see what I have laying around
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    I have my torch, but would have to go get some supplies to braze it. The line looked a little kinked/flat on the bottom. New line is only $20 and I am not in the middle of a tractor project so I will probably just go with a new one
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    Thanks...... I guess it took 20 years to wear through so it might not be too bad. I might see what I can use as an insulator.
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    So a little while ago when I was spreading a bunch of gravel I notices that I was leaving small drips on the ground when lifting a full bucket. Finally got around to tracking down the leak. There is a pinhole leak in the center hardline in the picture right were it goes through the pillow...
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    Bolt on bucket chain hooks

    If you had 2 hooks placed in front of the lifting arm (this is recommended) you would not want to hook something to just one. It can tweak/bend the FEL arms by pulling sideways. I have used a chain in between the hooks with a strap attached, although the general rule of thumb is that you don't...
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    Bolt on bucket chain hooks

    I would go with 2 hooks. It adds a ton of versatility to it. I can't remember a time that I used just one. A big thing would also be that you would have to put the hook right in the middle of the bucket so it didn't twist your loader arm when using it. My setup It's possible I could do this...
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    BX saves time and my back

    If I had unlimited storage space and the money I would have a ZT to mow and the BX for other projects. I don’t have either of these so I just use the BX for both. Mowing with the BX isn’t bad. The 60” deck and increased ground speed helps.
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    BX2680 - Did I go too small?

    I just moved 20 tons of gravel and 40 tons of topsoil with my BX2200 FEL. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but after a little bit I didn’t have an issue getting a full bucket load. It takes a little more than just pushing in to the pile and scooping. Have to work the HST pedal...
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    Turbo BX2200

    Any plans for an egt probe and turning up the fuel?
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    Driveway Expansion.

    Driveway expansion complete. Now everyone can park and pull out without going through the grass. I even had enough gravel to revamp the main drive that was getting pretty thin. Another positive is that I maybe able to loop around with the camper instead of having to back it in….. but even if I...
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    Temp storage building

    Got this done for the most part. Lag bolted the middle legs down and then used metal strapping on the end ones since they don’t have holes for lags. Put gravel on the inside for a floor. May end up adding more depending on how it lasts. It will be nice to be able to move things out of the...
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    Part number diagram for BX2200 hydraulic hardline

    Thanks!! That is exactly what I am looking for