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    Grappling with this...

    Atlas grapples
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    Grapples for sale

    Thanks for asking. I don't really have any way to do pin on mounts.
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    Plasma Cutter

    I have a Hypertherm Powermax 900, in case you are not accustomed to running a plasma cutter they take a lot of air and good clean dry air. I have a 5 HP two stage compressor with 80 gal tank connected to a 60 gal tank, the thing just zips right through anything.
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    Grapples for sale

    I'm doing a 48" full lid for $1795.00
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    bucking on a grapple - crazy talk?

    I use mine all the time Yes I designed and build these.
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    WR Long 3rd. function vs Summit Hydraulics

    You could probably fit them in a 1.5" sleeve but I would go with 1.75" just to be sure. I routinely put two 3/8" hoses in a 1.5" sleeve
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    Grapples for sale

    I know I'm a bit late to answer and I apologize for that. These are painted, easily touched up A36 plate 2.5" bore by 6" stroke As you may be aware shipping is up there. Not sure where you are located but I'm willing to meet an hour from my place. There is a truck stop in Caanan NY if that helps...
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    Grapples for sale

    I will get a quote tomorrow. Thank you
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    Run one past the oh great ones

    A single double acting cylinder on the one side would do the same thing with a valve in the line to lock it in place.
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    Price of steel=OUCH!

    Steel prices were just starting to come down a bit before the gas-jacking took place. Hopefully it doesn't hurt it further. The thing that gets me is the three places I deal with are all large suppliers and between help shortages and whatever they don't even want to sell anything but full...
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    Grapples for sale

    I can get quotes on shipping if anyone is interested. Thanks
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    (feeler post) 2021 Kubota L3301 with BH77 backhoe and lots of options located NC

    Good luck on your sale, if your area is anything like ours dealers are just now starting to get a few tractors in. You'd be surprised at how many people can come up with the cash when it's something they want at a price they feel is reasonable.
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    Land Pride SGC0554 Claw Grapple Grinding Noise??

    I can tell you from experience that you can not find (at a reasonable price) any small pins or bolts with grease fittings, I have been trying to find a 3/4" x 2" bolt/pin, stud what have you with a grease fitting and I have yet to find any that aren't 8 to 10 bucks a piece. I would love to use...
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    SSQA snow plows

    It's actually only 1/4" but that plow is an sd or something, very lightweight with a plastic cutting edge and was put on a diet by good old northeast road cleaner upper I don't think this one ever had bolts in the top of the springs.
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    SSQA snow plows

    On mine I used a Fisher plow and A frame, I shortened the A frame to just where the cylinders mount, about 6". I use a chain attached to the front of the A frame and to a receiver tube I put in the top of the quick attach plate thereby having the ability to float without putting the loader in...