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    Kubota B3350

    Agree, he has. 3xx hours on ours, not a single issue.
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    B2650 vs LX2610

    FWIW our 3350 has been flawless but we use it exclusively with PTO driven implements 90% of the time, so it gets worked. Trencher (mainly) and tiller in the spring/summer/fall, snowblower in winter. Our 2650 has the backhoe mounted on it, thats our go to for FEL work. LX or B 26 horse...
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    timing of model year changes

    If it was me i would get the 19' version of the 2601, both of our bx 80 series tractors we had were very problematic with that hydraulic single point for the loader.... were prone to leaking, i think between the two we warrantied warrantied 4 valves, and the 2680 was leaking again when it got...
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    Kubota XG850 Sidekick Review

    Funny you mention that, i just recently bolted on a KFI plow mount to it as i still had a 6ft KFI plow left over from my Ranger 900....the guy who bought the ranger didnt want it .....but with the 2 B50 cab tractors - 1 with a pusher and 1 with a front blower, as well as the X100C with a blower...
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    Kubota XG850 Sidekick Review

    Since there really isn't a lot of real world information on the Kubota Sidekick, I figured I would give a review on ours. Its a 2018 Kubota Sidekick with the full hard cab, heat, tracks, winch, etc. Basically loaded to the nines as far as sidekicks go. The tracks were off our RTV X1100C, and...
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    Kubota Credit

    I know early this last summer when we did an equipment exchange (BX's for B50's) they were really behind with issuing payment booklets. We pay everything online so were able to monitor it all that way - they were on our online account within a couple weeks after the purchase. The booklets were...
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    Kubota RTV XG850 Sidekick Experience?

    Upgraded fuel pedal? Is it located at a different angle or something? Another angle....we also went with a 5k winch, widespool with synthetic cable....install was easy. Wired in the dash switch and also opted for the wireless remote as well. If incould do it over again i would have...
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    Kubota RTV XG850 Sidekick Experience?

    She's alotta fun! Crazy the amount of snow it goes through
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    Quality Control Problems with BX Series?

    Our 23s had shims, was within spec, leaked twice. Behaved after the second replacement. Our 2680 no shims and leaked 3 times, when kubota took it back it was leaking again
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    Orange zero turns

    Z125S here. Works great.
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    Quality Control Problems with BX Series?

    That single action quad connect is garbage..... from experience our 23s was replaced twice and the 2680 was 3 times..... 3 times in 14 months of ownership. It was leaking again when it got traded in. Every time warranty and they would just replace the entire assembly.
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    Another new BX

    Eliot, i had both 2680 and 23s....the 2680 did better with our tiller and trencher. If you want a backhoe the 23s is your only choice in the new bx line...if you need pto horsepower go for the 2680. Edit: not sure if you could maybe add a woods backhoe or not to the 2680 but that maybe an...
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    Need a new one: T2290 or GR2120?

    For the price of the GR series have you considered just moving into the BX series? The glide steer is a nice feature of the GR....but those little T series turn pretty sharp too.
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    Buying a new BX23s and need advice on snowblower options

    We have a landpride pusher on the 2650, used it on our bx23s before the 2650 and it did OK.....BX Tractor was a little light but smaller bites and keeping speed up for momentum and it did the trick. I prefer the pusher over a plow but its tough to beat the front blower on these small tractors IMO