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    BX25 rebuild

    A 4-in 1 bucket on a loader with only 992 lb. breakout force? How much does that 4-in 1 bucket weigh empty?
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    Sorry Ken.... You are asking an 83 year old to remember specifics from 3+ years ago.....? I wish I COULD tell you,........ but even 3 weeks ago is sometimes difficult. ;)
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    With all due respect, unless something has changed in the last 3+ years. Ruger sent me a pre-paid shipping label, and I dropped off. Several weeks later, my Ruger was returned. No FFL, or anything else was required.
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    In need of a BT1000 Backhoe shows the BT 1000 as OEM for BOTH the L39 and the L45. ( I have the L48, which has the BT 1100) It is possible that there may be some very subtle (hose) connection differences.
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    B7100 new owner- cannot start - need advise.

    Did you check the CONDITION of BOTH battery cables at BOTH ends? Remove cables, and thoroughly clean ALL 4 contact points!
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    WTB Front Loader for L3010

    You will also likely hear this from others..... It will be very difficult to find a used loader for any 20+ year old Kubota tractor. Tractors, and their respective loaders are rarely separated. If you hope to have a loader in next year or two....... Your best option may be to sell your L3010...
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    If the dealer will not give you $200,..... I will! You could put in a USPS Priority mail box (I'll pay) and send it to me. If the postal clerk asks about contents, the answer is:......."PARTS"
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    I love my SCAG ZT with 22 HP Kawasaki Has welded mower deck. The seat was not good though,...... on my rather rough "lawn". I improved that, with a seat spring suspension upgrade kit, but not as good as factory upgrade.. Paid $4,400 new, in 2020. The factory seat upgrade seat would have been...
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    I don't know if there is a kit available for that engine. Even if there is a kit, I would much prefer simple OEM ignition parts..
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    Reservations about an 8 y/o L3901 HST

    4+ years ago I bought a 2006 Kubota L48 TLB, then a 13 year old machine. Had 251 total hours. I bought from original owner, 350 miles away ( I lack affection for "stealers" ) Had a friend who lived local to the seller, look at the tractor for me. Mailed the seller a $6K deposit check. Two weeks...
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    The Lottery - Anyone hit it?

    That post was 6 months ago! IT IS ALL GONE NOW!
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    I have a 1972- 15 HP single cy.l Briggs, OEM, on a 1972 Craftsman lawn tractor. Entire machine is in near perfect condition (now 52 years old). I do not use the lawn tractor anymore, and it runs fine, but I would like to find a new set of ignition points for the 15 HP Briggs. Any ideas?
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    I respectfully disagree! My Taurus G2C is a sweet little 9mm.
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    Kubota Tool-N-Go

    Interesting.... Never really thought about that.
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    Kubota Tool-N-Go

    The plugs that I referred to are NOT "PIPE PLUGS". The "Oatey" (brand) plugs that I refrenced are plumber pressure test plugs. A very different animal from a "pipe plug"!