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    Paralysis by analysis - Buying decision needs wise input!

    You obviously have lots of pine lumber just waiting for you. I would suspect that they are a lot more than 40 years old.
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    Valve Adjustment Question - Reason for it?

    I checked the valve clearances on my 1989 Ford 1920 at 1,100 hours (17 years). Replaced valve guide seals at the same time.
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    L3301 concrete rear tire weights

    Yup! If there is enough thread exposed, double nuts might help.
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    Valve Stem Replacement Help

    "Get a tire shop to do it" Good advice!
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    Machines listed above having approx. 1,000 lift capacity "at the pin", would seem to be pushing the OP's ability to comfortably lift/move 800 lb. rocks.
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    Sometimes you just have to say it...

    I absolutely agree! I want business to HIRE PEOPLE, and not expect ME to provide service! Lowe's is my preferred also,.....and I am a veteran (Vietnam). Home Depot also does do the 10% for veterans.
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    L3301 concrete rear tire weights

    Torque will depend on the quality of the eye bolts that you used. They certainly do not look like grade eight.
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    Check air pressure on tires with ballast?

    Valve stem at twelve o'clock position on tire! Add as much air pressure from your shop compressor as desired. Read pressure with "for liquid use" tire gauge.
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    New decking on my trailer

    My solution is to store my 20' equipment trailer inside. To make good use of space, I keep my yet to be restored old Ford pickup aboard.
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    Making choices...

    I strongly suspect that selling intentionally tainted food may actually be a felony.
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    To get a very good quality newer used machine your budget may need to go up a bit. For loader work you definitely need 4WD. Make SURE that you.... BUY ENOUGH TRACTOR....the FIRST time! Kansas would seem to have realistic used tractor prices. West coast, and Northeast....not so much...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Ah Ha.........makes sense to me! At nearly $1,000 for the rental (incl. del.), how many jobs needing a KX080 size, are you likely to do in a year? Perhaps what you really need is a KX080 $$$ size machine, and a $$$ bigger truck and a $$$ bigger trailer.😪 UGH.......probably a CDL also!
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    Trade AG for TURF?

    Good looking 30+ year old Kubota. Will need luck on the tire trade. I seriously doubt that will happen for you.
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    Making choices...

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    M9540 no starting problem

    I find battery swapping to not be fun!