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    Extreme Cold weather operation

    Just a thought. For a gear transmission the tranny is somewhat warming up because it’s turning with the engine at idle. For a Hydro if you where really concerned about loosening it up you could put the range selector in neutral, brakes on. Then if you were comfortable making a seat safety...
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    Northern Owner Sperience

    FYI. In 35yrs of diesels in tractors and 4 yrs with VW Jetta TDI I've never added anything to the diesel fuel. -40 to +35 C. We must just have the best fuel here in the Canadian Prairies. Never had an issue with pump or bulk fuel. Tractors using outside storage tank too.
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    L2501 3PH stabilizer problem

    The problem I had was I couldn't get my arms wide enough for a couple implements because the arms would hit the the tires. They were very close to rubbing too when using a couple implements . Pats quick hitch solved the problem and also made it a lot easier to hook up implements. Then u can...
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    Installing a block heater

    Easiest way for a block heater install is a silicone stick on oil pan heater. Search besco pads. There are different brands available. low power consumption, easy install most of the time and your oil is warm.
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    Rototiller for a L3901

    Well when you have a tiller that covers your tracks it does a nicer job. No matter the soil. My soil is only 2ft lush. It also depends on your tractor size and weight your little BX isn't that heavy so you don't have the compaction that an 3901 will have. Just my opinion, buy wide enough to...
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    Rototiller for a L3901

    Purchased a RTA1272 for my 3901 this spring. Don’t buy something that won’t cover ur tractor tracks. No problem running the 72”. If it doesn’t cover ur tractor tracks it won’t do a good job Because it rides up on the tire tracks.
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    Air filters OEM or aftermarket

    If filter cost is a big concern or not, the best thing you can do for air filters is put on an Air Filter Restriction gauge if your tractor/engine does not have one. You'll find a lot of the major filter manufactures recommend using one. You'll change air filters when they need to be changed...
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    3901 purchase

    FYI. Just ordering up a set of Pats Quik hitch. I'm thinking I will be able to use the new stabilizers now because I wont have swing the arms out as far so they should work.
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    PTO not disengaging when it should

    Try checking the adjustment on the pto cable. With the tractor off and the pto disengaged do this. Rotate the pto shaft by hand and while your moving the shaft slowly try to engage the pto using the lever. See how much play you have before the pto cam start to lock up/click. I may just be set...
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    3901 purchase

    As far as telescoping rear three point hitch stabilizers go, bought a set for mine but took them off. Had a couple attachments they wouldn't open wide enough for with R4 tires and no spacers. Just a heads up. Some of my attachments are a little older so maybe new stuff is narrower in general .
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    New clicking noise just showed up. L2501

    Sooooo? Did the PTO cable adjustment solve your noise problem?
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    L3901 - what is the proper RPM for each job?

    Yup. WTF was I thinking.. Farming background kicks in again haha
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    New clicking noise just showed up. L2501

    Just to be sure rule out the pto cams. My 3901 hst would click once and a while and it was the PTO cams. The cable was set a little to tight from dealer/factory and would allow the cams to move enough to click when disengaged. With the tractor off and the PTO off move your pto shaft by hand...
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    L3901 - what is the proper RPM for each job?

    Depending on your auger size and length (assuming grain auger) for rpm. If its small then run the rpm to keep the auger full. If it’s a 10” or bigger you’ll want PTO speed and see how it handles as you load it up.
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    KTAC vs Erie Tractor Insurance

    My understanding is once the tractor is paid off no more KTAC. Thats what Kubota told me.