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    B7100D Cab

    Made one for my L3200 some time back. It was built in pieces so it could be off in Summer. Only did that the first year, then just removed the doors after that. I used automotive safety glass to avoid scratched plastic...
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    Do I need more horse power?

    My mowing has always been with a finish mower, so it could be a little different I never mowed with the FEL and frame on any of the tractors I've had. My Ford 1210 with something like 16 HP easily handles a 60" Caroni RFM. It's definitely a light mower. The Kubota B7500 I had barely handled...
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    "Winter" question

    Both my tractors are in unheated sheds. Sheds have those plastic rodent bait stations outside and glue traps inside. So far the only rodent problem I've had was something chewing through my Chevy 1500's hard plastic windshield washer line about 15 years ago. It was used daily but parked...
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    1986 B7200 Hydrostatic Thanksgiving Dilemma

    Years ago I hopped off the Ford 1210 to do something. When I got back on, it wouldn't go. Long and embarrassing story, but turns out I must have bumped range selector so it wasn't in H or L - just in neutral :)
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    Stuff you did as a kid? Glad to still be here?

    We mixed saltpeter and sugar to make our own "fireworks". Never perfected gunpowder though. Saltpeter was on a shelf of our small nearby grocery store along with spices and extracts. Did some experimenting with carbide crystals to produce acetylene that was then bubbled through a silver...
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    New Kubota M8 (Having your home on wheels)

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun. Sure would need to do more tree trimming to mow the yard though:)
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    Sink Roots or Chase the Dollar?

    Wifey and I are both "locals" from birth, and all the places we've lived since birth are well within range of a .22 LR round. Apartment for the first two years and then two different new houses. Early in our married life my Grandma said that when I brought a check in the front door, Wifey...
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    Tired of breathing exhaust blowing back

    The exhaust on my Ford 1210 originally pointed out the front. When the muffler failed and I couldn't find a direct replacement, I bought a small glasspack and ran it straight up. The height is approx. level with my head when seated. Top is finished off with a flapper. This old tractor has a...
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    Cell phone providers

    Just signed up with Mint Mobile and am waiting for the SIM card. I picked the 4GB/Mo plan for $15 per month. When I retired last month, I kept my iPhone 7. It's unlocked and compatible. Time will tell if it was a good move. Wifey has been using a Tracfone for many years. She bought one...
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    PETA calls for the term "bull pen" to be changed

    True story - Back in the 70's our company had a prim and proper girl, and one of her duties was typing Purchase Orders. She really did go to her boss and ask if there wasn't another word to use when we ordered various sizes of conduit "nipples".
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    Compassion shown by 23 month old

    Our situation - about 13 months ago we had an opportunity to be foster parents "for a few months" for a 10 month old baby girl. A lot has happened since then, and there are many details we can't mention. We are now moving to adopt her. This isn't the retirement we pictured, but we wouldn't...
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    ID the baseboard heater parts?

    Update - Son said he was able to find a combination of parts to get him out of the jam. Thanks All!
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    Shed Move

    Unloading would make it a WHOLE LOT EASIER. I didn't bother with that step when moving the old shed out of the way to make room for the new one. No place for stuff till I was finished building the new shed, and moving mountains of stuff out and back in wasn't very appealing. With the L4240, a...
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    ID the baseboard heater parts?

    Thank you all. Son is moving and selling the place. He said the baseboard heat is (functionally) complete and operable. I don't know the whole story.