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    Overlanding, outdoors, offroad anyone?

    All the time. But...that's because there are very few paved roads in my part of the country. And very few people and very few vehicles on the secondary roads. I've been taking care of a cabin for many years that's located almost exactly 100 miles from my house. Most times I can drive to the...
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    Late fall sunset

    Sunset from my porch a couple days ago...we usually get these clouds when a storm is moving in.
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    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    Yup. I retired a few months after turning 70. Had a great job I enjoyed so wasn't sure I wanted to quit working. As it turns out, good thing I did retire because the company went through a bunch of changes shortly thereafter. I retired with a good pension - those retiring after I did lost out.
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    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    Nothing physical. I made sure I had all the "toys" before I retired. I love to be outside on a beautiful day. All my working years when an absolutely gorgeous day would happen and I had to be at work I would bemoan the fact that I was inside instead of out there somewhere in the great...
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    To all my Brothers and Sisters

    Vietnam, 1971....Lest we forget.
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    Fuel prices

    If you drive across Wyoming on Interstate 80, at about mile marker 221 you'll see a huge refinery about a half mile off the freeway. The name of the exit is "Sinclair". That's a Sinclair refinery. At the exit itself is a Sinclair service station, selling gas and diesel. Some of the highest...
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    Battery maintainer port for my BX1880

    Most of the maintainers use SAE electrical connectors. I have several of these from Northern Tool: The SAE connector is what you see on the end of the alligator clips that come with this particular model maintainer. That SAE connector mates with the SAE connector that is attached to the...
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    Electric Car in your future?

    NOT! The main idea behind having an EV is that you plug it in at home and let it charge overnight while you sleep and the demand on the grid is lower.
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    Battery maintainer port for my BX1880

    I have a battery maintainer on every battery I own, using connections similar to what is shown. Why? Because using these things has essentially at least doubled the life of my batteries - sometime tripled. No idea if it is the desulfation process or what that helps so much. All I know is I...
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    Daily Chuckle find nose rings on a pretty face attractive? Every time I see a pretty face with a nose ring I can't help but see hogs wearing nose rings to keep them from rooting around in the dirt.
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    Road to the Forest Service cabins in Nevada's Santa Rosa Mountains....
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    Fuel prices

    No idea where that $3 a gallon in 2005 comes from. I live in Nevada, traditionally gas prices are much higher here than the rest of the country because our gas comes from California. Each vehicle I own has a log book in it in which I log every fuel fillup. Just checked one of the logs - in...
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    Fuel prices

    As of this morning....some of you guys don't realize how well off you are. It is really painful for those of us who have to depend on California refineries.
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    Some of you older folks may not realize how bad public schools are getting...

    These "guys" tried to have one of their events at one of the local elementary schools. Parents found out about it and made the school cancel the event. Now the "organization" is suing..... Just what young kids need..."glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models"!
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    I followed a two-track road through several miles of fall color in Nevada's Bilk Creek Mountains yesterday....wish I could have stayed there till snowfall!