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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    I noticed that. I was getting ready to ask for the bottom half of the chart. The chart for warming up the HST is similar. It bottoms out around 1/2 hour but way above my typical temps. That's about what I do, summer or winter. I'll try to start at idle when it's warm again. I've still got...
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    How crazy are you about topping off your tank?

    I thought the tank on my tractor was vented? I'm not a diesel guy, but if it isn't it would be the first vehicle I ever owned that did not have a vented fuel tank.
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    Proper Ballast Recommendations

    Which is accomplished by "transferring forces from the front to the rear axle." But, as anybody who grew up before teeter-totters were banned can tell you, the same amount of weight placed further behind the rear axle, would do an even better (exellenter?) job of this My rear axle appears to...
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    How crazy are you about topping off your tank?

    My fuel tanks are vented. My fuel cans are not. Wet outside air can enter the tank when warm and drop moisture as it cools. The fuel cans not so much. They do squeeze down as it cools, and if I were to vent them on a warm, moist, day they would get water inside. I don't, so they don't.
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    How crazy are you about topping off your tank?

    I normally wait until I can squeeze 5 gallons in. Last night I dumped in 3 gallons (of #1) since there's still some #2 in there and we're expecting a cool-down later this week. I'm pretty OCD about topping off my gas vehicles well above half a tank. I think the "refuel at 1/4 tank" is a...
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    King Kutter Professional tiller

    I have a King Kutter (not sure if it's "professional" or not). It does a fine job and has never given me any problems but I've only had it for about 3 years? Use it once or twice a year. I did use a middle-buster the first year to rut things up first.
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    New L4060 LE add-ons

    You'll be surprised at how useful the pallet forks will be. Depending on how much snow you get all at once, and how windy it is, you will probably want a blower. Used 3-pt blowers aren't insanely expensive, especially if you live in a snowy region. If you're over by the lake you want a...
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    Lift Arms

    When I got my Kubota one side was bent. I was able to pound it out straight, but I could see why a guy might have to replace one.
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    Lift Arms

    Did you buy it new? Maybe somebody drilled a few more to run a Cat-0 implement?
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    Operating with Brakes Applied - How durable are they?

    Geo, I never had a tractor where the parking brakes worked before and I also struggle to remember this at times. I'm trying to develop the habit of stomping (or a least tapping) the brakes as I advance the throttle. "Me too". Any chance OP could post a schematic or drawing? Do our tractors...
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Looking at the same source and the tractor you have now, if you got some rear forks you could move full totes around on the ground and with a counter weight (e.g. a full tote on the back) you could stack a half-full tote on top of the full ones. Of course, it's one thing stacking them on a calm...
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    I could stack them two high with my L5740. I can't quite do that in my shed (roof too low) and there's no reason for me to do it outside, but it can lift a full tote that high. I guess I would first verify my previous numbers (full 275g tote = 1250# for wet ash, 1500# for oak) then go to...
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    Got my first Orange One......

    Agreed. I like the looks of the old square ones over the newer swoopy designs.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Well, a bigger tractor (and a counterweight) would let you stack them at least two high. Here we have enough wind that they don't need to be in direct sunlight (assuming a year to dry).
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    How much firewood per year? I like the fact that my 'grand' L can move the full totes, but in your situation if I had lots of space and could just fill up more totes 3/4 full that would be better than paying for an upgrade. There are times (in the trees) that I'd like a little smaller...