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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Cleared the trail down to the Ohio river for a customer. Then cleared an area beside the river.
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    Lx2610 Midmount mower arms dangling

    The spring loaded pins at the end of the arms go in the stainless clips above the arms.
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    Start Up?

    That doesn’t sound right. On first start up I’ll preheat with glow plugs for 10 seconds. It usually starts on first try.
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    B2601/BH70 Swing Arc

    I had a bh65 on a b2620. It had 1 swing cylinder. You couldn’t sweep spoils into trench/hole. Does the bh70 have 1 or 2 swing cylinders? The bh77 has 2 swing cylinders. Much better setup.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Did a little bush hogging with the LX2610 and Woods bb48.
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    Buying a tiller. Should I go reverse tine?

    This from Friday. Landpride rtr1258
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    Price check for used B2320HST, loader and backhoe from 2009

    I owned a 2011 b2620tlb. You will be better off with an 18’ trailer with brakes on both axles. It was a tight fit on a 16’ trailer.
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    PTO in Neutral?

    Put your pto selector in the mid pto only slot. The farthest to the front slot. If that doesn’t rotate, slide the selector between the front selector slots and try to rotate the pto shaft. WITH THE ENGINE OFF!!
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    Land Pride won't warranty SCG1060 on an MX6000

    So, what happened to your grapple?
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    Nearly fell over.....

    I just looked at Lowes, and their highest price was $47 for 32 oz of concentrate.
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    Can't remove flat tire on my BX23S

    Go to your local O'reilly's and rent a 3/4" ratchet and socket.
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    Woods Brush Bull

    My BB48x has been pretty tough. It is almost ten years old. It cuts really heavy brush one day. Then the next day it cuts heavy grass and it looks almost like a lawn. I have had good service out of my little 48” brushbull.
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    Third function button function swap

    Switch the hoses on the third function valve body. There should be 2 hoses with flat faced couplers on the top of the valve body.