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    Log skidding methods?

    Our ten acre of forest are quite dense and even with our tiny B5100, it can be difficult to get the logs out. I found the most time efficient means of handling trees was to cut them in 12'-20' lengths and drag the logs clear of the trees in low gear with a chain attached to a 10K ring bolted to...
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    Vertical exhaust mod on my B5100.

    This is how mine was... as I added the loader to this tractor, the original position made sense in that it directed the exhaust away from the operator. Of course, it rusted solid in that position over the years.
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    Replaced the broken headlights on my B5100 with LED work lights.

    This is just like my B5100's dynamo - the regulator (behind the dashboard) rectifies the three phase AC waveform to DC, and 'wastes' whatever isn't needed to ground - hence the heat sinks I replaced mine last year and enjoy having the tractor keep itself charged. Some dirt bikes w/o batteries...
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    Replaced the broken headlights on my B5100 with LED work lights.

    Yup... that would look better, esp. close up. Some flat black paint to match the radiator grille would help as well. I considered hanging the lights off the plate, but that would involve fasteners showing on the top of the hood, which seems worse to me. Another approach would be a large L'...
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    Vertical exhaust mod on my B5100.

    I got tired of the exhaust hitting my loader, and the smell of diesel exhaust, so I rotated the muffler to the vertical position as described in the owner's manual. The original (shiny and chrome!) exhaust tip was rusted fast to the muffer, so I carefully cut it off w/ a hacksaw just above the...
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    Replaced the broken headlights on my B5100 with LED work lights.

    Sure... Here's a view w/ the hood tipped down, so you can see the loader pump. The lights are bolted to a 11.75" long x 1.5" wide piece of 1/4" aluminum plate, which is in turn bolted to the edge of the radiator hood opening. I was concerned it might be too flexible, but it's nice and stiff...
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    Replaced the broken headlights on my B5100 with LED work lights.

    Hi Dave - I checked the wiring diagram when I replaced the regulator last year. The lights clearly work on DC - and they work w/ the tractor off (and the switch on, of course), so they're running on DC from the battery. The owner's manual has the wiring diagram; here's a link...
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    What's interchangeable Model wise

    The B5100 through B7100 all had 4 on 4" bolt circles in front, and rear wheels are all 6 on 6 circles. - Bart
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    Replaced the broken headlights on my B5100 with LED work lights.

    The headlights on my B5100 were broken/not working when I got the tractor a few years back. I finally replaced them with 3.5" LED work lights from Amazon, mounted on a piece of 1/4" aluminum 1.5" x 11.75", which I fastened to the hood just about the radiator (see second photo).. These lights...
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    What's interchangeable Model wise

    There are two sets of wheel sizes - one for the turf tires, and one for the ag tires. The tire dimensions are here: The rims size for turf tires would be 8x6 in the front, and rear 15x10 afaict.
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    B6100 front end loader hydraulics

    Here's what I did to mount and drive a FEL (from a B7100 I think) on my B5100.
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    JD snowblower on B5100E

    That's correct - the engine produces 12 hp at 3000 rpm on the B5100.
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    YALA - Yet another log arch

    Hi Folks - I've got some 20" x 12'+ cedar logs to move up on Lopez Island, WA where our B5100 lives... and I want to mill up some nice benches for the garden w/ a chainsaw mill, so time for a log arch build. I'd gathered most of the materials before our shelter in place order happened; all I...
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    Hydraulic Auger / Mixer Project

    A few things that help: 1. If you need reading glasses, wear them. Progressives lenses don't work very well at all because moving your head to see with the right part of the lens is a PITA. If you're welding stick, use a fan to blow the fumes away. 2. Rig a cheap halogen worklight to add...
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    Paint for bare steel homebrew attachments?

    I find single part moisture cured polyurethanes to work really well. One (over-advertised) product is POR-15; there are other sources. Some have aluminum powder mixed in... excellent primer. Not cheap, but a quart will likely suffice. Very tough. Can be top coated with your favorite spray...