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    3rd Function Wiring Options (L3800) and pros/cons

    I am wondering if everyone is happy with the summit third function valve . Joebabs everything attachments is a wR long and some of the dealers use this one but cost couple hundred more .
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    What to buy B2650 or B3350

    With 10 acres I would take a close look at the l2501 . Yes it is only 25 horsepower but more torque as the motor was detuned to meet epa 25 horsepower. Look at the specs it is a 1.6 liter 100 cubic inches .I was lookin at the big b or the lx but price difference is so little and you get a...
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    Well R14 tires are on....

    Good to know all is working . I will upgrade at some point like yourself . Wish my local dealer would give those prices.
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    Well R14 tires are on....

    How well do the 10 inch front rims clear everything? I assume you had the 8 inch 2200 rims to start
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    Price check for L2501HST

    All- pricing for the l2501 is quit different from dealer to dealer . I was quoted 28,500 from local dealer and would have to wait 6 months . Used price for low hours are over 20 thousand. Went online bought a package deal $29,999 l2501 HST , R4 tires , la526 newer design, land pride brush hog...