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    Woods LRS Landscape Rake Experience

    I’m in the market for a landscape rake for my L3301. I’ll be using it for cleaning up some areas on my property prior to planting grass seeds and raking the sides of our gravel drive in the spring. Parts of my property are pretty tight, so I don’t want to go wider than 72”. My property is rocky...
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    New Lawn for new house - looking for input and advice

    This is good news, as I have a box blade and my friend down the road will let me borrow his york rake. I'll also do as GreensvilleJay recommended and look at getting a drag mat and a roller. Thank you both for the input. Also a great suggestion by ayak to get my topsoil pH checked, I hadn't...
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    New Lawn for new house - looking for input and advice

    Hi, We recently finished building a house and I'm getting ready to do the lawn this fall. Currently, the area where the lawn will be going is mostly backfill from the house that was rough graded by my excavation contractor and an area over the septic field. I'm not putting in a big lawn. Total...