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    garden hose reel (with wheels)

    Thanks sheepfarmer, never tried a figure 8 pattern, I'm very interested to try it and see how it works!
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    garden hose reel (with wheels)

    Thanks old_paint, and everyone, for your feedback!
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    garden hose reel (with wheels)

    I've owned a few of these and absolutely hated them all. The problem is, manhandling the hoses are even worse. A relative recently showed me this super premium one, and it he loves it. But I'm not sure I am ready to part with $300 plus tax for a hose reel. Any one own one of these who thinks...
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    Using hand-accelerator-lever

    I'd you don't want to have to fix this periodically, go to your nearest hardware store and buy a nylock nut (the one with the plastic bushing in it) and replace the bottom all metal hex nut with the nylock one and you'll be set for good.
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    Mower operation

    Henro, mine is VERY tight on my BX1880 with the 48" deck. The brackets seem to be dead center on the arms, it's just the tolerance is super small. If the deck isnt perfectly positioned, it's near impossible to get them on. During my last service, I asked the tech about it. He ground down the...
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    Made a configurable tool rack for my BX1880

    Love it. That's a great idea.
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    Best Orange Paint for Snowblower?

    I will second the use of the fluid film. Doesn't make it pretty, but it prevents the rust for sure. Side benefit, it lessens the snow from sticking as well. I get 3 pack spray cans from Amazon at decent price.
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    Exploring BX1880 - Assistance Please

    I have the 1880, 48 in deck and front snow blower. It does a great job at most everything. If I had to do it again, would get the 2380, for the extra HP when blowing snow. It's not enough of a problem that I would trade it in, but in heavy snow which it had a little more power. Also I would get...
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    Removing L344 loader from BX1880

    In a pinch you can put some thing down like a piece of wood and shim it level; works but it's not fun.
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    Thinking about a bx1880.

    Very good questions being asked. I have the 1880 and 48" deck. I'm generally happy with it. If I was choosing again, would get the 2380 and the 54" deck. It's actually easier to get closer to things with the larger deck as it sticks out further from the frame of the tractor.
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    BX2816 skid shoes

    Wow that is bizarre. Wonder if holes drilled incorrectly? I'll try to take a measurement for you over this weekend, I have same blower. If holes are in same place, and it's shoes, mauve you can just get a new set from dealer to swap.
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    Winter Additive For Diesel - for BX Users / All tractors In General

    I use Howe's. The low amount in summer, the high amount in winter. The techs at my dealer all swear by it as well.
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    BX Ballast Box

    Also when it's on those brackets, the arms are a bunch lower; should make it easier to get a static load on there like ballast.
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    BX Ballast Box

    I had mentioned this in earlier post but didn't get a chance to take a picture until today. On the BX, here is want the brackets look like that are installed with the grass catcher. You can see them to left and right of the 3 point arms. These things are seriously thick. I can't see why you...
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    Parasitic battery drain on my new BX2380

    Yes, the coil of relay draws power, in the range you are observing. You need a switch (aka the ignition for example) so the relay is disconnected. If you want to be able to turn the lights on without the ignition on, you can do this but same rule applies. Wire the switch to turn on the relay...