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    BX2680 shuts down

    Mine (1880) will also do this but only if you move EXTREMELY slow. Just barely press the pedal so it creeps along at slug speed. Press any harder it stops immediately
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    New BX2380 ROPS pin holes not lining up

    In my case pins were correct. I had taken off the adjustment hand knobs to make easier installing a soft cab. When I put back on, didn't tighten equally and it caused a problem getting both pins in. Loosened both up, got the pins in, then lightly adjusted back until it lined up nice and stayed...
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    Premium UDT / SUDT is Worth it. Hug Performance Boost - 50 hr maintenance.

    Dealer here left me the opened containers after doing my 50 hour service so I'd have some spare fluids to top it off. I checked the bottle, it says super udt2. This is for BX 1880.
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    hitch receiver for BX

    I have some light duty needs, so I was looking for an inexpensive solution. I found this hitch receiver on Amazon, $20.16 and free shipping if you have prime. From the user answered questions, the...