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    '81 B7100 (B7001) Need differential exploded view

    You can go to the Kubota factory parts lookup site. Use this link.
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    I was dumb. Now Kubota wants me to 'pay for it'.

    The tires and rim are easy to find. Bearing bore is an issue and would have to match. Try this E-Bay link...
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    B2601 rattling issue

    My B2650HST makes a loud clicking sound when parked and idling. When the PTO is engaged the noise diminishes, and goes away as the RPMs are increased. I took it to the dealer who checked it out and said all was well. The gears are straight cut, and need more "wiggle room" to engage than do...
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    MX 6000 Top Link Replacement

    Try this supplier.
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    Fuel supply problem

    I mention this often. Because it such an easy item to check, I will mention it again. Are the breathers in your fuel cap plugged? Try starting and running with the cap loose. No air into the tank, no fuel out
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    Mower deck

    Go to the landing page vis this link: Put in the deck model number when you get search page ( page after you agree to the site terms)
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    Mower deck

    I believe that the original mid mount mower was a model RC44-42. (You may know that already). The link for the Kubota parts lookup is: Seems like you would need to pick up a used deck, and procure the linkage. The collector is probably...
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    Still starving for fuel

    Here is a long shot, but an easy "try it". Check the breathers in the fuel cap. If clogged, no air in, no fuel out. Try starting and running with the cap off, or loose.
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    Need a little help ! B2650 Mower deck Rck60-30ba manual

    No problem. Message me an e-mail address.
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    L3800 runs then stalls

    Check the fuel cap breathers. If air is not getting into the tank, a vacuum develops, and fuel can't get out. A long shot, but worth a couple of minutes of time to rule it out.
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    Fuel additive

    Thank you for the reply
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    Fuel additive

    Thank you for the reply. I will look at the product you mentioned.
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    Fuel additive

    I have been using Stanadyne Performance additive to protect against gelling. I have been using it year round. So far, so good. I am located in Rhode Island and we get periods of very high humidity and heat, and in the winter we will get single digit days. Good old New England, if you don't like...
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    Need grill but don't know year or model

    Hello CurtisLT1, Here is some information to get you started. Good luck with it.
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    Rear PTO noisy when engaged

    Well, good luck with it. Please let us know the resolution of the issue. Sorry that I couldn't be more help, but there are some very knowledgeable on this forum (North Idaho Wolfman is one of them), and they will help you get it figured out.