5 Videos of Kubotas that Pull Their Weight

Kubota Tube

It is time for another installment of KubotaTube, where we scour YouTube to surface some interesting videos featuring our favorite orange tractor in action. Instructional videos are handy but sometimes its more fun to watch others do the heavy lifting, or pulling, in minus 30 degree weather. Without further delay…

  1. 2 Engines, 8 Tires and 5 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
    I like this video because it demonstrates the can do spirit, even if it looks a little out of control at times. These two gents managed to chain together what looks like an L245 and L225 to generate enough pony power to get that bottom plow moving. They plowed 2 acres like this.

  2. Orange and Yellow Team Up to Save the Bacon
    Skip ahead to the 1 minute mark in this video to watch a Caterpillar backhoe team up with our hero to have a semi truck with a load of hogs stuck in a snow ditch. Family entertainment folks.

  3. Not a Kubota – But it is Orange…
    And there’s a horse in this one so we will let it in! Continuing the theme of ropes strung between pieces of heavy equipment moving somewhat dangerously – we have a 4WD Zetor pulling a truck up a muddy embankment – all of which is pulled by a single horse at the top.

    Same road, but different truck this time. We also get a glimpse of what not to do behind a muddy heavy piece of moving equipment.

  4. Man and His L3400 Knock a House Down
    Demolition and a Kubota L Series. What else does a man need really? Jump ahead to the 0:40 mark to watch the carnage.

  5. Next Best Thing to a Ski Hill
    Believe it or not, this is only the second video of a Kubota gray market B1600DT pulling a skier I have seen.

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