Poll Results: Snow Clearing Implements

The business end of Steve Foulks' Kubota B3030 and snowblower.

The business end of Steve Foulks' Kubota B3030 and snowblower.

About two months ago we posted a poll inquiring what implements readers of OrangeTractorTalks use to clear snow with. Now that spring is on the horizon (in some places!), we thought we would share the results. Voters could choose multiple selections on their entry but were limited to voting once per household.

Snow Implement Poll Results

After more than 650 votes, those of us clearing the driveway so the family car, truck or van can get to town are clearly using the trusty front end loader to get the job done. About 45% of responders relied on their loader versus 31% using a snow blade.

16% were lucky enough to have a snowblower and interestingly, 2% of folks (12 people) admitted to having snow, seeing the snow but not caring to move it. I have two theories as to why these people may have not been able to move the snow:

  1. they were riding their snowmobiles around while the rest of us plugged in the block heaters and preheated those glow plugs or
  2. their Kioti/John Deere/Ford/Massey was back in the shop again

Regardless of the implement, I think we have a dedicated batch of snow clearers!

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