7 Must-See Kubota Videos

Kubota Tube

Ahhhh yes, YouTube, now the internet’s number 2 search engine behind Google. There is nothing you cannot find on it, including plenty of videos of Kubotas in action. Remember, watch these in high definition if available. Without further ado, I present to you 7 must-see Kubota videos:

  1. Snowblowing Action Video
    I like this video because it shows what looks to be a Kubota BX24 with a rear snow blower tossing snow 15 feet in the air – what’s not to like? Also at 51 seconds into the video we see a dog with what appears to be a very large udder wander into frame. Worth a look.

  2. Kubota M108 Hauling Bales Like they Weigh 50lbs
    Here we get to see Kubota’s new 108 horsepower M108 in action. It has a pair of pallet forks and spears 2 bales at once and hauls them around – the Kubota does not skip a beat. You will note that at almost 9500lbs, there is no need for this M series to ballast the rear against the weight of those bales. Right around 45 seconds in we get a nice 1st-person view of what it looks like to operate this beast! Watch the video to the end and count how many bales on the trailer.

  3. M9000 Really Stuck
    I’ve posted this video on OrangeTractorTalks before but it is always worth a look. This M9000 is stuck deep in the mud and the suction keeps it there.

  4. Kubota Tug of War
    A couple of guys got together and wanted to settle the question of “in a tug of war between a Caterpillar forklift and a smaller Kubota BX series who would win?” I will not spoil the video for you but I’m guessing that this equipment is not their own.

  5. Box Scraper in Action
    YouTube user wilsonoutdoors brings us a handy video that shows us a box scraper used to grade a driveway. Sometimes we can forget about the trusty box scraper, but this video does that attachment justice. Their other videos include mower decks and stump removal so check those out too.

  6. Abusing Your Father’s Kubota when He’s Not Around
    Here is another video out of the “I do not personally own or pay for this equipment” file. Skip the first 20 seconds and have a look as two teenagers repeatedly ram the equipment into a snow drift and perform numerous, high speed and dangerous doughnuts in a snowy field. Something tells me they will be needing that ROPS sooner than later.

  7. Kubota Export Yard
    I’ve included this short clip of Japanese Domestic Market (soon to be gray market) Kubotas prepped for export from a Japanese shipping yard. These Kubota tractors are due for destinations all over the world and typically collect in yards like these before being distributed by the container load. Just like their newer cousins, the wheels are unbolted and the units undergo minor disassembly for transport. If they are used, like these ones are, they will also be pressure washed as required by the importing country duty and customs department. Most countries have strict regulations when dealing with imported agricultural equipment that still has mud or vegetation on the equipment.

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