Common Kubota Terms Explained

Some common terms and abbreviations related to Kubota, or for tractors in general for that matter, include:

  • CUT – Compact Utility Tractor
    Next to their trademark orange color scheme, CUTs are perhaps what Kubota is most famous for. A CUT is a tractor that is smaller than a small farm tractor but still larger than a ride-on mower or garden tractor. They typically have power ratings in the range of 10-40 horsepower and nearly all have a three-point hitch at the rear as well as at least one power take off to drive attachments like mowers or rototillers. Despite their size, they are still very full featured pieces of equipment – being able to perform some smaller scale farming tasks like grading, cultivating, seeding, spraying or hauling bales.

    BX2200 with a LA211 front end loader and a mid-mount deck

    BX2200 with a LA211 front end loader and a mid-mount deck

    CUTs are most commonly found on acreages, hobby farms, orchards, wineries, golf courses or used by governments and municipalities for light duty maintenance. They are easy to maintain, easy to operate and are less expensive than their larger cousins which are considered “overkill” for a lot of tasks for small operations. Kubota is the market leader when it comes to manufacturing CUTs and has been since it began to introduce them 30-35 years ago. Other manufacturers like John Deere and Massey-Ferguson have followed suit and introduced their own popular CUT model lineups.
  • FEL – Front End Loader
    The most common attachment or implement that you would find on a typical Kubota tractor. FELs are used for grading, digging, scooping and transporting loose material like soil, wood chips or gravel. They are also good candidates for add-ons themselves like pallet forks, spears for hauling bales or toothbars to give extra “bite” when digging. Many would agree that their FEL is the most useful implement they have and is typically the next purchase if you have acquired a tractor that does not have one equipped.
  • PTO – Power Take Off
    The PTO is present at the rear of the tractor and serves to draw engine power to drive various implements. Common attachments that draw on the PTO include rototillers for breaking up soil, mower decks, snow blowers, pumps, backhoes and wood chippers – so very handy indeed! In addition to a rear PTO, some tractor models like the Kubota BX2200 include a mid PTO which powers its mid-mounted mower deck. A rear PTO typically turns at 540 RPM with mid-mount PTOs rotating at 2000 RPM. Obviously from these speeds and the power involved, PTOs in operation are considered highly dangerous. Be careful and mindful when in their presence!
  • KTC – Kubota Tractor Corporation
    KTC is the manufacturing and distribution company for Kubota in the United States, often referred to as just “KTC” by insiders and dealers. KTC is headquartered in California but has warehouses in 3 other states as well: Ohio, Georgia and Texas. Combined with these warehouses they have an expansive dealership network of 1000+ dealers in the United States alone! [KTC’s website]
  • KCL – Kubota Canada Limited
    KCL is the Canadian version of KTC in the United States. The two are separate companies and have their own tractor warehousing, parts distribution systems and pricing. Kubota Canada is headquartered in Ontario with a warehouse in that province along with BC and Quebec. There are more than 150+ KCL dealers in Canada. [KCL’s website]
  • KCC – Kubota Credit Corporation
    Anyone who has financed a large tractor purchase knows who KCC is! KCC is Kubota’s financing, loan and credit company for the United States. Different rates and payment plans are available and your sales rep at the dealership can assist you with the details. An interesting note is that like a vehicle lease or one that is under financing, KCC requires insurance against theft or damage for your financed Kubota. Luckily they’ve thought of everything and created KTAC Insurance which provides this required insurance against flood, fire, theft and so on. The cost of this insurance is typically rolled into the installment loan itself but your mileage may vary. [KCC’s website], [KTAC Insurance website]
  • Gray Market Tractor
    If you hang around Kubota circles long enough you’ll eventually encounter the term “gray market” tractor. These are tractor models that Kubota has intended for use in one country or market that are being imported and used, against Kubota’s wishes, into another country. For example, Kubota’s small B-series, the B7001, was built and intended for use for the Japanese market some 20+ years ago. Importing this tractor into the United States would cause Kubota to treat your tractor as a gray market tractor. KTC has a strong policy against these types of tractors, in some cases instructing dealers to refuse service, parts or advice to those that own them. Kubota has actually made it against the law to further import these types of tractors into the United States. You can see KTC’s list of gray market tractors here.

    A grey market B7001 closer to original condition

    A gray market B7001 closer to original condition

    A grey market B7001 in restored condition

    A gray market B7001 in restored condition

    It’s no lie that it is difficult to source parts and general service information on these types of tractors, but resources do exist. We’ll be running an article in the future that helps owners or those considering a gray market tractor, identify what type of equipment they have and where to find parts and support – after all, if it’s orange, it’s a Kubota!

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  1. Redi64 Said,

    December 2, 2008 @ 8:32 pm

    I have a b7100 Kubota tractor. The Serial # is B7001-44130. I am told this is a gray market Kubota and am searching for a couple of 3rd 5th PTO gear Spurs for this tractor. The equivelent to the needed spur would be a 66706-14790 and 66706-14530. Will these work for my tractor, are they available for sale from Kubota? Is there a different way by which I need to obtain these parts. I origionally was told these were Part #’s 66711-14790 and 66711-14530 which were only available as salvage parts. But they were 3/4 inch thick and would not work and mine are closer to 1/2 inch thick. If you can help me getting my tractor back in business I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Vic Said,

    December 3, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

    Hi Redi64,

    We’re dealing with this same issue on other posts on this site, make sure to check them out. Nicky has a problem with these gears on his B7000 and you’re working on the B7001!

    My parts info has those gears as follows: 66711-14791 (original part number, later changed to 66711-14790 and futher identified as item # 26 in factory parts manual), this spur gear has 18 external teeth. The B7100 lists that gear as having 18 external teeth as well, part # 66711-14790 but it indicates a serial number change at 45295.

    Below this production number, the part number for the gear is 66711-14790, above serial # 45296, the spur gear part # becomes, 66706-14530. They are not interchangeable, which may be due to the thickness of the different gears.

    #66706-14530 is still available from Kubota, my Canadian parts reference puts it around $60 bucks, BUT, it comes up in the current online parts look up as having 17 teeth. This may be a misprint in the online parts system, the printed factory material still shows 18 external teeth,

    The other spur gear, is identified as item # 20 in the original B7001 parts manual having 17 external teeth and original part # 66711-14531, later changed to 66711-14530.

    Kubota has now updated this part to # 66704-84900, calling it a complete PTO shaft kit, upped the price to $628, and then made the part n.l.a, or no longer available!!

    BUT, part of the fun in working on gray market tractors is keeping a list of real good parts sources, and I’ll pass this one on to you.

    Go to this site:

    The 17 gear spur lists at $ 136.00, the 18 gear spur is $208.00. You’re going to pay some shipping, but this is the only supplier I know of that has aftermarket Kubota PTO parts.

    Hope this helps!

    Service Dept Vic

  3. Chip Said,

    January 6, 2009 @ 2:34 pm

    Need some rear fenders for a Kubota L5450. Also need the control linkage to the PTO and the lift linkage. would consider used or aftermarket , any ideas ?

  4. Vic Said,

    January 6, 2009 @ 6:52 pm

    Hi Chip,

    There was a fender change-up on that L5450DT that occured at Serial # 60315. The newer version fender is on tractors numbered 60315 and higher and will fit the older serial numbered L5450.

    The early fenders will not fit the later versions without bangin’ tin and drillin’ holes!

    New fenders are part # 32590-29133RH and 32590-29213LH, priced at $925USD each. They are current production and available.

    Good news is the fenders are shared with the L4350DT and L4850DT, so you have a few more models to source parts from.

    Serial number 60007 on the L4350 is the newer version that you’re looking for, but given the expense of the new ones, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make them work.

    A few years ago we had to modify a set of rear fenders from a Kubota L225 in order to get them to work on an L1511 eary Hydrostatic JDM tractor. With a little work from a grinding disc, some “farmer” mig welding, and a little rattle can painting, they looked and fit awesome!

    Control linkages are also current production parts. There are very few items available in the aftermarket for Kubota tractors. A few radiators and alternators makes up the big list.

    Service Dept Vic

  5. Jason Armstrong Said,

    June 23, 2009 @ 10:26 am

    I am looking for a pto mower deck shaft for a zd21 does anyone know where I can find a cheap or used one. Thanks

  6. werk Said,

    March 21, 2010 @ 2:58 pm

    thanx mike

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