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Brad I am north of Benton Harbor 269-277-4922
Ok cool, I will call you, i do not have any parts, was going get it apart first.
Hi Brad
Take the blade of under the gear box, remove blade remove cover over the spindle, now your looking for a snap ring on the spindle the blade was on remove the snap ring. Now go to the top of the deck, remove the 4 bolts on the sides of the gear box, the gear box will pull straight up and out. If you have to prey go easy and slow.
My employer asked me to sell his 1971 L210 Kubota tractor. It is in mint condition with original tires and less than 100 hours. I created a one page flyer that I sent to Kubota dealers within a 50 mile radius of Williamstown, MA where the tractor is located. The flyer has a great photo but also lists my phone number. I found this forum through a google search and registered. Can you assist me?
There is a safety switch in the seat and yes when you get of the tractor will stop running. I have a g1900 but I fixed that problem, mine will run when I get of
Sorry for the delay in response. Been trying to work out a way to make this work. I thought PayPal offered a way to send money. My phone number is Land line 541-672-5604 or cell 360-477-1400. Do you have a total amount? I have one other option I am going to check on. There is a paypal program called XOOM that allows me to send money to a Walmart for you to pick up, but I need to read more about it.
I'll give you a call later today.
How do we proceed with the purchase? Haven't heard from you?
Sorry for the delay. I'm not going to do the transaction by PayPal. Would you be willing to mail a certified cashier's check drawn on your bank?
You posted a link to you moving some snow back when your L5740 was new. Can you tell me about the snowblower you were using? I now have a "new" 5740 and am thinking I'll want to downsize from my IH-80 (7 ft.) blower. I'd like to get a solid 6-ft. blower if the tractor can handle it.
I appreciate any advice you can send my way--thanks.
is this private postings to receive email info to purchase?
Yes, I was wanting to work out something else besides PayPal.

I'm not going to do the transaction by PayPal. Would you be willing to mail a certified cashier's check drawn on your bank?
my Kubota b7100hst4wdwillnot move forward or reverse the pto doesn't turn. when I push in the clutch pedal a loud horrible noise occurs. when the clutch is out a there is a iow grinding noise. when the tractor warms up a little the input shaft from the clutch to transmission turns very slowly and sometimes stops.
My L3400DS is nocking a lil bit of blueish smoke under a load but stops after a lil bit, when warms up happens more often pulling injectors first to see if maybe water in fuel. All filters are new. Fill like it's a valve. If so can I repair it, or do I do a total rebuild?
I'd suggest sending a PM to North Idaho Wolfman with questions about HST. He working a job and building a house so you will need some patience, but he will know what direction to send you. Good luck with it.
Hi Len. thank you for your quick response and advice

rgds melvin
Mr. Sidecarflip would you be so kind to give me some info and link to the linear actuator for the bed life on your sidekick .You talk as if it worked well.
Got mine from Shoup. They have an online catalog or you can get a print one. Shoup specializes in aftermarket ag parts and has linear actuators in the 12 volt flavor. Goggle them up.
Unfortunately no more of my bitching about Maine's Gov. The moderator pulled the thread because it was political. Not Allowed.
I get the lowdown from my buddy in Bangor all the time
I am hoping you can help me help another B1550 owner.

He only has a smart TV to try and belong to the forum and seek info.

Could you take pictures of your tractor in the area of the suction screen and hydraulic block and post them on the following thread.

B1550 hydraulics