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Hey, don't let him (fried1765) bother you. It's like a train going by and making a rumbling noise that irritates you. It soon passes! This is basically Facebook for people who enjoy tractors/implements and some folks feel like they have to post even when it makes no sense or helps anyone, it makes them feel good. I appreciate your post, so don't let a poster or two discourage you.
Are you dug out yet ? Ready for the next Wonderful Winter White ??? I got 12" of WET, HEAVY white here the other'll still be here when the rabbit brings his eggs.....
if you backdrag with blower tilted, you're on the cutting/scraper bar so no stress to the blower housing
stay warm but have fun....!

EA 55” Wicked Grapple: Ordered 21 December 2022 / Delivered 27 February 2023, less than 10 weeks and within the 12 week lead time on initial order.
Wolfman, New to this forum. I have a 2010 B26 and love it. However, having an issue with the float position. Control stick locks into position as it should. Bucket drops to the ground as it should. When moving forward moderate to slow speed the bucket lifts the wheels off the ground. I have edge tamers on the bucket as well so the edge is not digging in. Is it a control valve problem, detent or something else? I had a Ford 1620 that floated perfectly at any forward speed. Would appreciate any suggestions. Need that float position to work. Thanks, Jeff
MY brother has a B3350 and I have a L2501. do you have cover for these 2 tractors. If so what is the cost and shipping to upstate New York.
bird dogger
Hi cpman1949. I have covers for the 3350. $220 will get the set delivered to you. At one time I was working with someone to get a set of plans for the L2501 drawn up for his tractor. But he has since disappeared before we finished the plans. With a little guidance we could continue those plans for your L2501 and get a set of paper patterns made. You can "start a conversation" with me or contact via my regular email: Messaging via this page is very limited and I don't receive notifications. To "start a Conversation" hold your cursor over my "B" icon and select the "start a conversation" tab. Thanks for your interest! Here's a link to the covers I do have patterns for: For Sale See post #1
Hi David, interested in covers for my B2650 if still available
bird dogger
Hi doellg, Thanks for your interest. Yes, I still have a set available ready to mail out. I may have to cut and sew up a couple more the way it looks. Winter isn't over yet. It looks like you're in Vermont? If so, $220 will get the set shipped to you via USPS with tracking. A personal check works just fine for payment. Or, if you use the "Send to Friend" payment option on Paypal, that could work also. I'll consider your name on this one set unless I hear otherwise. If you would, could you send me your mailing particulars to my regular email address: That email address is also my Paypal account if you choose to send payment that way.....just remember you must use the "Send to Friend" payment option.
Using this message limits the amount of text that can be sent. Send me an email my email address listed for more info. thanks again! Regards, David
Land Pride 3rd function junk?? Has anyone else had weather seal (corrosion) issues with their LP 3rd function solenoid? I previously installed Summit Hydraulics 3rd function (awesome) on old tractor, then bought a new L3901 with LP 3rd function already installed. After 18 months (garage stored) the LP is kaput !! LP uses poor quality electrical contacts that rusted right out...and of course you can't get any specs/details/replacement parts online. Also, LP wants $70 and 10+days for a $2 momentary switch. Anyone else have this problem?
replaced my fuel lines today as per a thread that discussed the same starving for fuel issue I was seeming to have
Hi all me again
Still having issues with my L4150 as before loss of power
This time i have replaced all the injectors with new one and had the fuel pump serviced, but alas it is no better infact probly worse.
After putting the pump and injectors back in place getting good fuel to all injectors jump start ( as it had been sitting for a while waiting for the pump and injectors) i can get it to run for about 10minutes then it fades to a stop ,turn the key and away it goes again for another 10 minutes before stopping again.
Is there something i have missed as this is starting to do my head in any help , suggestion would greatly appreciated
Mr Fitz
Wolfman, I am sure you would know what year Kubota put the regen stuff on a 30-40 hp tractor. I own a 2009 B3200 and it has no real emissions on it. A friend of mine wants to buy a Kubota or a John Deere 35-45 hp tractor and I told him that I thought most later tractors had the regen stuff on them. Do you know when Kubota started the mandated regen on the larger tractors? I have been told that 25 hp and down didn't require the regen. Any advice is appreciated. Chris
Has anyone ever installed a Green Guard motorized chute blocker on their Zero turn? I am considering one but would like some guidance if available.
It's not on the tractor right now, but I can take some more pictures if you want. And/or put it on and take some pics. Let me know?

Where are you in PA? My wife is from Reading. Brother-in-law is still there (Birsdboro?).
Hi, I saw your write up from 2018 on the hydraulic block installation. It was awesome as I just picked up a B7610 and want to add a loader. Exactly what I was looking for. Do you by any chance have any pics of where the return line connects to the tractor? Apparently, it's under the seat.
On a separate note, it's great to talk to someone from Canada. I live in the US now but used to live in Georgetown Ontario and did a lot of work with Poultry farmers years back in the London/Grand Bend area and Port Stanley. thanks
For Kubota B1610 , I am looking for parts to start with restoration project

start with set of left ad right fenders, and panels.
Hi Vigo. On a boxblade thread, you mentioned getting the power toplink, and you referenced the hydraulic/electric combo toplink. I can see it in your pics. Can you tell me where you got that from? Thanks. rob
Got it off ebay. I never found them for sale for a reasonable price anywhere else except ali express and ive never personally dealt with that.
Ok, thanks so much for replying. It looks like I may be going the full hydraulic rear remote route after all.
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have a late 70’s Kubota L1500DT and whilst helping my neighbour managed to break the front left axle. Does anyone know where I could purchase one from. I’m located in Brisbane Australia.
Thanks in advance
ihave a v 2203 transcold carrier reefer kuboto engine and i had the injection pump out and when i put it back together i had no throttle did i miss something i am not a mechanic looking for help ty
Not familiar with reefer stuff, but did you align the rack pin into the slot. Is it a 3 cylinder by any chance? I have some pics, but can't seem to post them
ihave a v 2203 transcold carrier reefer kuboto engine and i had the injection pump out and when i put it back together i had no throttle did i miss something i am not a mechanic looking for help ty
itis a 4 cyl diesel do i have to put it all back together before the throtle can work?
It's included in the loader manual.
Loader model specific - what model tractor and loader do you have?
I’m have a l5460 which has a LA1055 FEL