WTB: 60" MMM for B2601


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May 17, 2020
South Central Wisconsin
Sort of a hail mary here - but I'm looking for a 60" MMM for my B2601. I would need all the associated mounting brackets on the tractor (I know which ones they are I have the parts schematic - it's just a few bolt on brackets - so we wouldn't be tearing your tractor apart) - unless you can give me a deal good enough on just the deck that it make sense for me to buy them new from Kubota. The part number for the deck is RCK60-32

It's also possible that a 60" deck off a B2620 might work too - I'm not 100% certain and we'd likely need to take a few measurements to be certain.

I'm located in WI - but willing to drive a few hours one way.

Thanks OTT