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Sep 10, 2015
Midlands of SC
I have a less than 2 year old BX 2370 with FEL and 54" MMM with mulch kit. It has 48 hours on it. It's a great machine and I'm very happy with it, but I really, really, really like the features/upgrades on the 2380. Assuming you could get the right deal, would you trade or sell your 2370 for the 2380? What's the right deal?
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Jul 13, 2013
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"Assuming you could get the right deal,"

this is the magic statement! YOURS is more or less "new" - yet out of warranty......so someone that wants one used is going to have to see your price as a bargain compared to a zero % loan on a new one!

I would say that you would shoot yourself in the foot if you traded it to the dealer, you would be better to sell it on a craigslist or somewhere - then again, you will have to put up with that too.

I would imagine that a new one will cost you 22k ish???
and you might sell your machine for 17K ish???

You can figure the the new new models, lets say the 90 series are 3-5 years away, so there probably will not be any really neat new features for this series for a few years.

It all depends on what you are willing to do and how much money is needed to "upgrade" to the newer model.:D:)



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Nov 5, 2015
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Hokie is correct. I basically did the same thing and it cost me. I didn't want to deal with trying to sell my 2670 so I traded it for the 23S. One of the dealers flat out said he couldn't pay me enough for it due to the low hours (137 hrs) when compared with someone being able to finance. Unfortunately I was looking to gain a backhoe so I pulled the trigger on the trade.
If you can sell it outright, do that. Especially since you're basically looking to buy the same machine just with a few different features.