Trust Gov./banks or time to drill postholes


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Jun 10, 2016
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The moment the swastikas, confederate flags, and MAGA gear came out the so called "freedom protesters" lost all credibility because they self identified as anti-vax terrorists.
I think calling them "terrorists" is excessive -- excepting the cabal that tried to smuggle in the guns, of course. But yeah, the true protesters came in, did their thing and went home. Those remaining were a mixed bag of anarchists and legal morons (by which I mean ignorant of the law).

If the Trump flags and MAGA signs were not proof enough of the latter, then the moron who actually stood before a judge and tried to argue that his "first amendment rights" were being violated is proof in and of himself.

Hey morons! This is CANADA. You don't have any "first amendment rights" and even Trump doesn't claim that Trudeau stole the election. We have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which sets limits on what you can do in a "fair and just society". You do not have the right to lay siege to a city and harass it's citizens; you do not have the right to unfettered crossing of our borders; you do not have the right to use your children as human shields. YOUR rights were not violated, OURS were -- by you.

I suspect the vast majority of that mob would be the first to scream about their rights and demand police protection if someone arbitrarily decided to park across their driveway and honk the horn all night, deny their ability to come and go, prevent them from participating in normal commerce.

Choking off the flow of funds -- much of it from foreign sources -- was a measured response to the sedition. It's certainly handling things with kid gloves compared to how many other countries would have dealt with it. Can you imagine Putin or Jinping sitting there politely asking people to leave while they laid siege to their capital?

I'm not a fan of our current Prime Minister, but Trudeau's principle mistake was in failing to invoke the Emergencies Act about 3 weeks earlier.

The morons' principle mistake was in not taking all that money, hiring a constitutional lawyer, and challenging the orders they felt violated the Charter in Federal Court. They might actually have had a case.
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May 18, 2014
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The last few days the news people must have been bored.

Today they posted a picture of a road that was covered in snow, since we are having winter precipitation here. The picture was STOLEN from a friend who took the picture in January. The posted it on TV (and their farsebook page) that said "road between clinton and marshall is iced over, with many wrecks, avoid the area".....

So on their FB page I made sure to dig up the original post with pictures from January's storm, and posted it up on the "news" people's FB page where they reported it. Basically I called them out on it. Within 5 minutes the post was deleted.

Then they (same news place) did a story on racial groups' inability to get a home mortgage. The way they worded it, was if you are black, you ain't getting a mortgage because of your skin color. That's only 1/100 of the story but they won't tell you that. I contacted the station and asked them about it and was told that they only have 30 minutes to report "news" (weather sports and news), and the last 15 minutes of it is SPORTS, with 11 minutes of commercial advertising, 4 minutes of weather and the last few is news, so they don't have the time to go over the details. I explained to them that their way of doing this is immoral, and it is also unethical journalism. The point was to, well, point out that they were in the wrong, but it appears that that was blown off. So with that, I would challenge everyone, if you are watching the TV news (particularly local...), and you see something that is suspicious, call the station and call them out on it. If enough of us do the same maybe they'll get the point.

A good friend (female friend, not girlfriend) is a former weather anchor, and quit. I asked her why she quit and that was exactly why, "news" is paid prime advertising more than it is "news, of which she is not in agreement with, thus she left the industry and went out on her own. Good for her. Now if the rest of them would do the same, maybe we'll see a change.
7 on your side is good for that. They blasted my wifes employer over "allegations" against employees by family members.

Wished the companies lawyers would have sued them over the false allegations/ defamation and had them do retraction's on prime time for the same length of air time that the story took up on multiple days.

Might get them to actually verify their facts first instead of jumping on a juicy story that was false.