Tools for drainage and "creek" construction?


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Apr 22, 2020
Longview, TX
I live on a 0.8 acre lot in a residential community in East Texas. My B2310 is way overkill for my needs and I like it that way. I have the 60" MMM and use the tractor to mow my grass as well as other construction projects. My corona-project is construction of a flag-stone patio. I spent lots of time working the shovel, but enjoyed the bucket for moving materials...

We started with a blank slate...

Shovel work, material carted away, and edging installed.

The fun part!

Ended up digging out the other sides to amend soil and mulch. Don't be fooled by the tracks - that was hand dug, but tractor carted away...

The finished product...

Around back we continued the patio and tied it into the existing cement patio at the back of the house - also installed some underground drainage to get the downspout water away from the house.

Progress - dig, place rock, add sand, smooth, smooth, then flagstone, and finish with pea gravel

Will add these rocks too and look forward to those plants filling out

Now that you've got the theme of what we're doing - I need some help! We have a low spot in our back yard where water flows across when we get a heavy rain (regular this time of year).

A neighbor did this. I'd like to replicate it in my back yard.

How would you recommend digging out the sod for the creek? I hand dug everything for the walkway, but wore out one shovel and my desire to shovel a 80' x 6' creek path is low.

How would you do this with a B2310? What implements or tools should I utilize? I have a BXExpanded Tooth Bar on order already. I look forward to your thoughts.

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Mar 27, 2014
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Nice outcome. You've got it figured out. The tooth bar and someplace to put the spoils! Dig perpendicular to the wanted waterway gently as possible to save tires digging the sod. Roll the bucket up as you go forward, and keep plugging away!


Nov 25, 2019
Most Equipment Rental places rent Sod Cutters, theres videos of em on youtube. that way u cud re-use the sod if u want to, u can roll up the sod as u go and unroll it somewhere else.


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May 10, 2013
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I would agree with the sod cutter rental. You will tear up the lawn using the front loader when the wheels slip. (which they will)
Great job with what you have done so far.


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Mar 26, 2013
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The OP has not been seen since April 22nd. I would like to see the finished project if he is still on the board.


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Jun 10, 2022
Good job! I would even say that you nailed it.
It would be cool to see how it looks now since a year has passed. Did you enjoy your project, OP?
I would really like to make something like this around my house, but I need to get a house first. But when I get one, I will make beautiful paths around and build a nice patio by the house. I can make the basement and the walls myself, and only for the roofing process will I have to call the company that can help me install a patio roof. There are many of them in our town, and I think it won’t become a problem. Sometimes I have too many plans and do too little to make them true, but I try hard.
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