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L4240HSTC with FEL, Ford 1210
Jan 19, 2013
Near Lancaster, PA, USA
A frequent concern with tire selection is how they treat the yard. We had quite a bit of rain here on Wednesday. A nearby neighbor's rain gauge had 5.6" in it. When I was mowing yesterday afternoon it seemed like a couple photos may be of interest. Two pics are looking down our driveway toward the road. The red arrows point to the downstream side curb of our bridge. The water normally running in the creek is roughly 6" deep and 4' wide. The bridge is concrete with a 16' wide bore. Anywhere between 0 and 4 times a year it floods out and occasionally gets deep enough to keep us home (or out) for a few hours. As long as you can see the bridge curbs, it's OK to travel. The only water with real velocity is in the stream bed. Outside of that, it's a fairly slow moving flood plain. We built here in 1989 and clearly understand what to expect.

The truck splashing through the water is on the road the driveway connects with. That picture is from 19:30 Wednesday evening. The picture snapped while mowing is from Saturday around 15:00. There was some standing water a few places on Thursday, but by Friday the water was all in the stream bed. The L4240 with R4's worked just fine and didn't leave tracks. This tractor is gentler on the ground than its R4-equipped predecessors (B7500 and L3200) as well as the old Ford 1210 with R1's that still sees some service here. Although it is the heaviest tractor to date, but it has a lot of rubber contact area on the ground to compensate.


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Dec 25, 2013
I used to run ag tires because they tore up my yard less than turfs. Many will say not possible, but it is. The ads didn't spin on the hills, and that made all the difference in the world. What worked for me, may not work for others. I just had to say that because of your all so honest subject line! Use what works for YOU.