Throttle/Accelerator Slipping & Not holding RPMs on B2301


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B2301HSD w/ FEL, Box Blade, Rotary Mower, Chipper
Jan 14, 2020
Escondido, CA, USA
I've got just under 60 hours on my B2301 and recently completed the 50 hour service. I love the machine and have a ton more work I need to use it for on my land. Here's the problem I just ran into: When I set the throttle at 3,000rpms, it immediately slips back down to 2500. It won't stay any higher than 2500 without me holding it there, which is nearly impossible while needing to simultaneously drive and operate the FEL.

Anyone know how to fix this issue? A search of the forum shows a possible fix for the issue on the BX series, but I'm thinking it's not the exact same fix. If so, please let me know.