The Binford 6000 snowblower


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Apr 2, 2015
Downeast Maine
After not getting enough snow to bother with all Winter, we've gotten about 8 inches spread out over 3 days.

With rain predicted later in the week and an oil delivery scheduled for today, I fired up the Cabota and blew out the drive, a path to the oil tank for the shop, and a path for the fuel tank for the tractor (a 275 gallon heating oil tank with a hand pump). As I was making one last pass before going up to clean out in front of the garage, the blower broke the master link for the auger drive chain and I was out of business with no spare on hand.

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The PHPaul-bilt Binford 6000 has set in the shed for at least two years, maybe as many as 4. I keep the battery out of the lawn tractor on trickle in the basement all Winter. Popped that in the blower and it cranked right up. Amazing what a little Stabil and a fresh battery will do for ya. That's a 13 HP E-start Predator mounted on a 28" Craftsman blower. Got it free after the 8HP Tecumseh Snow King tossed a rod. It's a beast!
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May 18, 2018
Those “Chonda” engines are good value for the money. It‘s well-known that the Chinese have always had a talent for copying anything…including Honda engines.

I had a Honda engine with a destroyed carburetor (step-son left ethanol-gas in it for a year)…and the genuine Honda carb was ridiculously-priced and would have to be ordered. I found a “chonda” copy-cat carb for $18 and free shipping. Bolted it on.…no adjustments made…. Pulled the rope twice and it fired right up.