Thanks to my dealer....


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l2501HST w/ bh77
Aug 5, 2021
Simpsonville, SC
A special person we call a friend, Todd Hellman of Stanly Tractor in New London, N.C.
He went beyond the regular guy selling tractors.
Delivered my L2501 and its BH77 to my home. Then took 2 hours of his time to teach me how to use it.
I've called him numerous times to answer questions concerning its operation. Never once did he not have time for me. Even on a Sunday. Get this, after I forgot to take my 3pt. hitch off his truck (because the BH77 was attached), I called him to just send it and I'll pay to ship it. Nope, on his next trip this way he dropped it off and showed me how to install it. Who does that, nowadays.
Great guy and his mom, too.
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