Sold my XG850 and B2320 same day


Jul 3, 2013
Bought the tractor to bush hog where we kept some horses, same with the XG850. We had the XG850 for two years, had 17 hours and 169 miles on it, we had the tractor for5 or 6 year. Wife had both knee replaced this year. So sold/gave the horses away so no longer needed either one..leave the bush hogging to brother in law. Had lots of fun on the tractor and got some good info on here, I didn't care so much for the XG850 both went to good homes..I may get another tractor and or
another ATV/UTV/RTV what ever they one will be street legal. City cracked down on them here, The Kubota could not be made street legal too slow must run 45mph they top out at 42mph...or mine did
thanks for all the good information