Rookie Needs Help Please:)


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Kubota L285 w/ FEL
Aug 25, 2010
Prosper, TX
Hello everybody, new member here. Bought myself an early 80's model Kubota L285 2WD with FEL and mower. This is my first tractor i have owned. The first thing i did was get online and started doing research on the tractor for maintenance, products, etc. Anyway i got it parked out in the barn right now and am wanting to paint it. I was thinking about doing the bucket black, the fenders, hood etc. the earlier orange color, and am undecided about the whether i want to use the Kubota Blue or else just black on the engine. Anyway, where do i start? I have no experience whatsoever in painting vehicles or tractors. There is rust on the tractor of course. Where do i start as far as stripping it down, priming, sanding etc???? I dont want to bother Pops a bunch so im trying to do this on my own! Thanks, and sorry for soo long.