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Feb 11, 2017
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I have a 2016 L4701 HST tractor and every time the regeneration indicator appears on the dash, I try to follow the instructions to get the tractor to go into regeneration mode. The manual gives 3 different sets of instructions for this one operation, and they do not get the tractor to perform this necessary (?) procedure. There is a different set of instructions on the fender of the tractor itself, making a total of 4 different sets of instructions for this 1 procedure.

Does anyone have any insights into this frustrating situation? Kubota WILL NOT even attempt to be of service, and refers me back to a dealer. I am pleased with the dealer that sold me the tractor, but he generally refers me to the afore-mentioned useless sets of instructions in the manual. In the past, I finally push enough buttons and the tractor starts the regeneration process.

A simpler, effective set of reliable instructions would be awesome and greatly appreciated.



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Nov 14, 2014
Well I'm working on it. I did a set for the 60 series tractors since I have one. See link to pdf in this thread. Some of the information will apply but your tractor doesn't have a dpf screen.

Briefly, 1. make sure your tractor is in the permit auto regeneration mode when you begin work. In older tractors you pushed the auto regen button. In newer ones you do NOT push the inhibit regen button (the symbol on the button has a slash through it.)

2. When the regen indicator blinks (top symbol right side of dash, puffer ) look to see if indicator below it (with up arrow) is also blinking. If so increase engine rpm until it goes off. Then the regen indicator light should just be illuminated steadily. Keep rpms up and go on working. When the cycle is complete the light will go off. Don't shut it off in the middle.

That's it. These directions are in the top part of the table on p16. The other sets of directions cover more complicated situations like what happens if you run it too long in inhibit mode.


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Oct 15, 2015
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Depends on the "stage" of regeneration (or regen for short).

Stage 1, you do nothing but rev the engine until the RPM light goes out. Then wait til the DPF regen light goes off and you're done. This is typically done while you're using the tractor normally. Stage one there is no beeper.

Stage 2 and 3, (usually get a beep) basically the same deal but the tractor may want you to STOP, put all gears in neutral, pto off, set park brake and hit the right side button. It will regen and then the lights will go out. With this, parked regen, you sit and wait for it to complete-up to 40 minutes. Make sure you have plenty of fuel and make sure the radiator and screen are clean so the engine doesn't self-destruct (over heat).

Stage 4, MUST be done parked (aka parked regen). It will not regen while being used-and a lot of times can't be done by the operator/owner and would need to be done with use of a "forced regen"-by the dealer hardware and software set.

Stage 5, remove DPF and have it cleaned or replaced. There is no other way.

That's why there's different sets of instructions. For different stages.

Also keep in mind that a regen won't start unless the engine is up to operating temp. So a cold tractor will NOT regen. The exhaust system needs to be at or near a certain temperature-all monitored by the tractor's ECU.

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Sep 14, 2016
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I have the exact model you have and I just had my first one yesterday while I was cutting around an overgrown pond and it was easy as it could be. I knew it was coming soon as I had 29 hours on it so I was waiting for it. I never push the inhibit button when I start it because I always use it in a safe place for the higher exhaust temps that happen during the regen. I was just mowing along and the yellow regen light came on on the dash to tell me the process had started. My rpms where already up in the PTO range so I didn't need to do that part. Not sure if it made a beep or not, cause I had earplugs in. I did notice a slightly different sound or tone of the engine when it started. It was on for about 12-15 minutes maybe, and then went off and the engine tone returned to normal. It was easy as it could be, I did nothing at all.