rear wiper motor


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May 24, 2020
Brainerd, MN USA
I own a 2004 L5030 tractor with cab, and my rear wiper motor quit working. I checked with my local dealer, and that motor is no longer available, as I need it for my rear mounted snow blower. I searched the internet and found a wiper motor sold by Speedway Motors in Lincoln, NE. They are a company that sells parts for classic to muscle cars. The motor dimensions were exactly the same as the one I needed to replace, but I spoke to tech support to determine if the center to center dimension was the same from the threaded shaft to the mounting hole as it mounts through a hole in the rear glass.
On the motor they sell, the threaded shaft and solid inner shaft were a longer length than I needed, so I had to cut them down to the old motor shaft lengths. I removed the 4 screws that held on the face place, and slid out the center shaft. Using a fine bladed hack saw, I secured the face plate in a vise, and carefully held the shaft with one hand, and cut the threaded shaft to the required length. I re-assembled the inner shaft by sliding it into the threaded shaft, and again placed it in a vise and proceeded to cut off the inner shaft to the correct length.
I hooked the three wires to the proper screws on the motor, mounted it through the rear glass, and attached my Kubota wiper arm to the shaft. I started the tractor, hit the wiper switch, and it worked perfectly. A great replacement for a discontinued wiper motor. It is item 911-23502 on their website.
Cost was $72, plus tax and shipping. Kubota list price was $195, but not available!