RCD1884 - Cutter Problems Revisited and Problem ID'd


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Aug 3, 2021

Posted this original thread with my frustration of this cutter - please read original post for context.

After fixing the disks and replacing the blades that were totally trashed, they again were off and smacking together from the first startup.
I open the outboard gearbox and here's what I find. Input and Output gears are shredded on the outboard gearbox.

Of course LandPride pulls the CYA 5 year limited warranty clause of "well if you hit a rock or something we won't cover it" so 2 grand for a new gearbox for a 5k cutter. Absolute BS. There's nobody cutting a pasture in PA who isn't going to hit the occasional object. Hell, when I was a kid i've ran over steel pipes, chain fence, cinderblock's you name it....kept on hammering without issue at all.

Is this something any of you all have experienced before? Any solutions for me? I can re-build the gear box but I see that there's ample stock of replacements online. Maybe this cutter is under-gunned for what I need to do with it....not sure. I just find LandPrides lack of attenuation of warranty to be pretty disheartening, but I need to get back on board here. I just have NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE seen a gear box get sheared like that.

Clutch was ran out 3 times since buying in 2018 brand new off the showroom.


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Apr 27, 2020
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Sounds like the slip clutch isn’t adjusted right (or possibly it isn’t appropriately matched to the cutter) if you’re blowing gears and flex couplings.


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Sep 11, 2013
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My RCD1884 has been ok since purchased but I've only got 1 summer of mowing under my belt. No rocks or posts to hit in my pastures but I shredded an old mattress spring on it's maiden voyage doing some work for my weed buddy.