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Kubota BX 2360
Jul 4, 2021
Stafford Va
I was wondering if anyone has used a 10 Kw PTO generator on a BX 2360 and been able to get the full 10 Kw of power?
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Dec 5, 2020
Figure on about 2 HP per KW. Dunno what the PTO HP is on the 2360, but it's 19 on the LX2610, so I'd get almost all of it.

The actual number is 746W/HP, in a perfect world. So I should- get 19 x 746 / 1000 = 14.2KW. Count on losses that will take at least 1/3 of that number away during surges and compressors starting, etc. That's a MAX number, not continuous. I'd probably size a 15 or 20 KW unit for my LX, just for the margin to keep from getting the generator too hot.


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Oct 6, 2012
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I do not think so for the following reasons: says 17.7 pto HP (claimed)

This power output would be under the most ideal conditions so you should not count on it being at that level More likely 10 to 20 % lower on the day you really need it.

Winco, a major pto generator company, provides the following spec sheet.

forum 10 kw pto generator.jpg

Before doing any power conversion calculations it is best to consider the losses in the pto gearbox on the generator which has to up the rpm from the tractor pto's 540 to 3600 rpm at the generator head in order to produce 60 cycle power.

Generators which have more poles (Winco has 2) and can produce 60 cycle power at 1,800 generator rpm and will provide more efficiency at considerable cost premium. 4 poles.

This is why you find big diesel backup gen sets running at much lower rpm because their generator output has 4 poles.


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