Progress on L245DT - Bar Fight

John RHR

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L 245 DT
Oct 11, 2013
Lake County, Calif
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Well now, ho he ho! Thanks to a connection here on OTT, I picked up some tires for a good price for my widdle project. I do need to straighten the left rear rim, but it shouldn't be too much trouble. So, progress there.

I have the wiring diagram, but most of the wiring has been disconnected/torn asunder from everything. I am following what's left of the "wire amputees" to figure out what goes where. I don't know if my tractor had the seat interlock, I am presuming it had the clutch interlock.... most of the dash is just empty holes. I know I can figure it out, but for now, just want to be able to get the engine to start and see if I have some other larger, darker, looming issues besides a wire missing to a fender flasher. I do want to put the interlocks (at least the clutch) back in. A friend of mine was killed a few years ago - he'd disconnected the clutch switch and bumped the starter when the engine was at full throttle in gear. He was standing in front of the back tire. The engine started right up.... Not pretty....

Okay, on the fuel injection system - I haven't looked in earnest, but is there a "run" solenoid? I am getting a dribble of fuel to the injectors during cranking, and just a whisp of white smoke, but it won't kick. I don't have the glow plugs properly wired yet, but in jumping power to them, they don't seem to pull very much power. The book says they should each have about 1.5 ohms of resistance - how much current should they pull either individually, or as a set? I'm not sure that they are heating up properly.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any insights - other advice for getting a long dormant tractor up and at em.... I have piles of poo waiting to test that bucket!

Thanks in advance!