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kubota 7510 Ford 8N Fergie TO30 and two broke down Ingersolls
Apr 28, 2010
Three Rivers MI
I have a B7510 and a 54" Ingersoll snow plow. The plow is a little lighter than some because it does not have power angle. On the Ingersoll it was mounted by means of a front mount with pins. It worked fine for 15 yrs so I'm thinking of mounting it to the front 10" or so of the Kubota and not running back to the holes back in the middle of the frame where the rear mower mount now is. Any thoughts on this plan?

Also in the plan is a double acting cylinder and an open center spool. Does the return go to the tank or block? Or maybe a single line cylinder--where does the return go it this case? I will hang the plow from a chain in either case. My thought on the power down is that it will be more positive(maybe that's just stupid) . Opinions please.
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