Parts for G4200/5200/6200 mower


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L3301 w/LA525 loader, G5200 mower w/RC48 deck, Kawasaki 610 Mule, DR mower
Nov 30, 2017
Southern IL
Let me clearly state up front, I do not have any parts for sale.

I am putting this out there for members in the southern IL & greater St. Louis area that might be searching for parts for this series of mower.

I have commited to purchase some parts from a fellow in OH, with plans to pickup in a few weeks. Would be willing to pickup your stuff to save on shipping. He is parting out a G6200, and has many things listed on a popular auction site, as well stuff not yet listed. Still has the complete D662 engine

I am getting the complete deck with most of the hydraulic lift assembly, and some other odds n ends.

Not yet met the man, but have had several phone conversations, and he sounds like a stand-up fellow. So much so I sent him a decent deposit to commit.

He is old school...No cell phone, so texting is out. Email is just fine. PM me and I can get you his contact information.

Also has old cycle parts, JD mower stuff, old Craftsman parts.

Anyway, you get him paid and I can long as it all fits in the Taco.