Operation at 450 PTO rpm


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Jan 19, 2020
I found that operation of the JD2025R at 450 PTO rpm was completely satisfactory on both the bush hog and the wood chipper. Just did not need all the 24.5 hp at full PTO speed. On the B2601, I worked it out. It's 2,333 rpm on the engine. Should use less fuel. Fuel usage on the 24.5 hp 2025R is near a direct prorate of the 4010's at 18.5, prorated on hp (0.60 vs. 0.46). I'm hoping with emissions possibly being better on the B as judged by their being able to keep idle speeds down will possibly be maybe no higher than the 2025R's even though it has about 1 more hp.

Hopefully, it'll have enough hp to start the bush hog at idle. Could on the JD, but its idle was 1300. Could not on the 18.5 hp 4010, probably one of the things that contributed to its driveshaft Ujoint being destroyed @ 660 hours.


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Jul 10, 2017
Just comments

I assume you mean 540 rpm, the pto standard for "smaller" HP tractors.

Also, I find I use the "high speed" pto for just about everything. Most of what I do is not at full rated engine horse PRESSURE ;-)

The chipper shredder loves running fast off the rear, and the front mounted snow blower comes alive on the high speed mid output. "A mile a Minute" for blower fan tip speed! ;-)



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Jan 9, 2022
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I definitely understand not every '540' implement needing to spin 540 to work well enough. Honestly, whatever works...works! I can't think of anything that has a 'minimum' rpm in terms of needing to spin a minimum speed to not break. That point might exist with something like a chipper/shredder which probably relies a good bit on momentum of the spinning parts to keep things 'cutting' instead of 'kicking' like many other saws. I tried to run my horizontal bandsaw at a very slow speed on some metal today and found that there was a speed below which things really stopped working correctly. But 450 out of 540 is probably enough for a lot of implements.