Newbie Parts Question - Cross Model Compatability


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Nov 15, 2012
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New to the forum, this is the situation that brought me here, I apologize if this is not the proper spot for it:
I have an older L245DT that I've had for about four years. Roughly two years ago, I broke a bearing on one of the rear axles, which chipped some teeth on the big final drive gear when the wheel flopped sideways. I replaced bearings and seals on both sides, as both sides had been leaking. I dressed up and re-used the chipped gear. When re-assembling the broken side, it became obvious that this was not the first time for bearing problems as the inner bearing race had previously been peened. There is enough axle movement that even with new seals/bearings it still weeps, and the torsional thrust on the ball bearing will eventually cause a repeat of the breakage, with more damage to the housing/axle/gear. I narrowed the rear overall width to relieve some of the strain on the axles/bearings. (But this did not help my stability on hillsides!)
I really like the tractor apart from this problem, and would prefer to repair it with good quality used parts - to buy new housing/axle/gear/bearings from the dealer is dollar foolish - than replace the tractor. Now the Question(s):
There is a grey-market L175 available, and just looking, below the seat and between the hubs it appears to be a mate for my 245. What, if any, US model is comparable to the 175 that I could cross reference parts numbers with my 245 to be certain? Also, what is a reasonable price for the grey L175? It shows its age but is serviceable (especially, no signs of seal leakage on the rear axles!); it had a cracked head that was removed, cold welded, put back in service and runs fine; bare tractor with working three point hitch and no attachments, decent old tires. I'm looking at it as a potential parts donor, but that does not impess the seller. Any help?


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Aug 14, 2009
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Hi, glad you found us, welcome.

Now for your question, try these folks. They are here in Kentucky, not to far from you but can possibly help you with your search. They dismantle alot of Kubotas.