need photos or videos of FEL quick connects


Jan 30, 2015
Sherman, TX
I know how the standard FEL SSQA works, what I want to see is the hydraulic version up front, and how it's controlled from the grand L series.

also, looking at the 3rd function, I have the standard style quick connects (like air hose quick connects)
but want to see the lever actuated quick coupler for 3rd function and for the FEL.

While I can't seem to talk the wife into a TLB, she has agreed to upgrade from the 4060 to a 4760 or better but wants the hydraulic quick connects for the SSQA and the 3rd function as she uses it a lot, but doesn't quite have the ass to handle the levers or the standard connections.

I find the SSQA isn't bad at all, maybe a bit inconvenient jumping up and down, but not terrible, the 3rd function I could see as I at 6'2 and almost 300 lbs and pretty good strength seem to fumble with at times, usually it's because of how rigid the lines are and how unforgiving the angle of the quick connects wants you to be. I always bleed pressure from all hydraulics including 3rd function before I attempt to connect while tractor is off, but in on position (only for 3rd func)

my kubota dealer said he has never had to order a tractor with any of those upgrades before (including the FEL quick coupler for up to 8 hoses) I found that hard to believe, but walking around his lot trying to find just one that had it, found he was right, not one of his setups even his SS didn't have it.

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Jun 9, 2013
Sandpoint, ID
I don't know if anyone is making a SSQA hydraulic connect setup for a tractor, or even a hydraulic hose disconnect unit. :confused:


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Sep 7, 2013
Westminster, MD
I've only ever seen custom setups of hydraulic SSQA couplers on compact tractors, but they are very common in the commercial skid steers. Does Kubota offer a OEM solution for this? Or will it be a custom setup? Also another way do do it is yo use a linear actuator rather than hydraulics to keep costs down.

A company called Faster makes the single lever multi couplers that JD and I assume Kubota has started to use on some models:

Again not sure if these are an OEM option or will be a custom install?