Mx5400 too big for RCF 2060?


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Jan 2, 2020
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I traded in my L2501 and my new MX5400 will be delivered tomorrow. I have a Landpride RCF2060 that I used on my L2501. I know the MX will be wider than the mower and I might upgrade in the near future my question is will my MX be too powerful for the 2060? It does have a slip clutch on the mower.


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May 12, 2020
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You have no worries, you just need to set up your drive line protection (slip clutch) to make sure it is working correctly. Your 60" wide cutter should run well without bogging down. Land pride rate both the 60" and 72" models up to 65 PTO HP.

Remember to set up your slip clutch each year to make sure you do not damage the cutter. I ignored this advice and took out an 80HP rated gearbox with my MX5800 on a heavy old Woods rotary cutter. My new Gearbox , PTO shaft, slip clutch run great now that I bother to reset the slip clutch at the start of every cutting season!