MX5100 Pipe Ballast


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Kubota MX5100HST/FEL
Aug 17, 2020
Mandeville Louisiana
I got the idea from a You Tube video, he used an acetylene bottle. I had some 8" schedule 40 pipe, box iron and flat bar. I added the chain carrier and both receivers( the high one is for moving the goose neck trailer) After fabrication, I sent it to out be sandblasted and powder coated, then filled with concrete. It weights 583 pounds with the two 20 foot chains. I run filled rear tires. I also added expanded metal and two forged 5/8 inch "D" rings to the front bumper. Note that it's not a Kubota, I have an Ansung loader and bumper. The pipe when dropped makes a great drag. I also like that if I'm moving material and backing up it's better than having a land plane or box blade running into trees.
Pipe Ballast.jpg
Tractor D rings.jpg
Tractor Pipe Ballast.jpg
Front Bumper.jpg
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Apr 27, 2020
Central Piedmont, NC
Very nice! Sometimes it would be good to have a shorter counterweight than a box blade. Lost count of how many trees I’ve backed into and over with the box blade.
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