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Jul 20, 2020
sw VA
I've done a LOT of loader work so far with my B2601, so the hydro is nice. Spread 50 yards of mulch and compost in my eight months with it so far this year. And used a bunch of my stockpiled topsoil.

A couple key portions of my mulching do best if I dump some of the mulch over a 5' woven wire and barbed fence. And the tractor is downhill from the fence. This is a big lift! When I wonder if I should have gotten a BX—mainly to get a backhoe—I think of that lift and wonder if a smaller tractor would work. On the other hand, I'll only need such a lift for maybe another year till my hedge plants and trees dominate the sites.

The pictures show two of my projects in the last two weeks. One is a mulched holly hedge across from my barn. The other shows using topsoil to fill in the bases of chicken brood pens in the barn.

Holly mulching 11-21.jpg

Barn pen bases 11-21.jpg
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