Mow job turned into project, then another failed project


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Apr 28, 2020
1. Went out to mow, took the loader off.
2. Wife..."Can you get this stump by the porch out so I can plant this azalea"?
3. Put loader back on, grab shovel and axe, remove stump. Easy enough.
4. Loader off, grass mowing time.
5. I found every piece of bale twine that has EVER been in the pasture since the house was built in 1910.
6. Play HECK getting loader back on. FYI...never lock just one side. Never. Ask me why.
7. Attempt next stump. Fail miserably. The roots on this are 8000 feet long and run through the entire yard. I need my chainsaw that is still in Missouri, and my tooth bar, which hasn't been manufactured yet, I reckon.
8. Power wash 91% of the mud from the wet pasture off, stick 'er in the barn.

The end. Going out into the bay to fish tomorrow.


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