M59 as a Homestead builder?


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Jun 2, 2021
Hey folks, I'm doing some research and could use the advice of people much better versed than myself.
Firstly, I'd like to apologize if this has been asked before. There tends not to be a lot of Homesteaders these days, one. And to be honest I've got so much other stuff to research I don't have TIME to go down every rabbit hole, two.
So I defer to the interwebs.

My wife and I have 40 acres of old growth woods. Recently logged, there are still some big trees to move and lots of dirt work, pond digging, pad site making, trail cutting, ground clearing, and brush hogging to be done.
I'll also need to move big logs to the mill, raise timber structures, pull basic farm implements (not going to doing agriculture on a large scale, just enough to feed the animals), move/blow snow, dig basements/root cellars and ponds.
I'll be looking at forks, a grapple bucket, front snow blower, brush hog, multiple boom buckets, dirt work and a few other attachments.

I'll be using this tractor as a Homestead builder. I know there is equipment that does certain tasks better, but I need one thing that does it all well. I've been looking at a pre-2010 M59 as the turning radius, ground clearance and capabilities will work over our slightly rolling terrain. I like the ability to remove the backhoe, and the quick attach front mount is handy as heck.

If there is another option that I should look at for a TLB I'd appreciate the guidance.
If someone has experience doing what I've listed with the M59 I'd appreciate feedback.



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Oct 21, 2017
It's a good machine but expensive for the size. I'd put my money on a used full sized construction TLB, finish building your place, sell the TLB for what you paid for it and buy a nice new cab tractor with front and rear remotes.

On the plus side the M59 fits in tight spots and has plenty of grunt.
On the negative side there is no OEM cab.

FYI Even a full sized TLB will struggle on larger trees. Based on your digging and yanking large trees you might want a 20 ton excavator with thumb.

No one machine does everything particularly well. The M59 is more of a Swiss Army Knife utility machine.
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Aug 17, 2020
Mandeville Louisiana
Based on your post, I assume that with purchasing land, tractor and other equipment and not growing your own food you have a good source of income. Homesteading is not a cheap endeavor, put a pencil to it. Large purchases are one thing, the smaller things can add up i.e. chain saws (multiple),chains, tongs peaveys. fuel, oil, axes, etc. Don't forget trailers to haul equipment, logs etc. Timber structures will require more rigging supplies, not to mention the litany of tools needed to keep everything in working order.
That said it's most enjoyable and provides a great deal of satisfaction. I'd suggest trying to increase your income stream and contract out some of the larger tasks to people who have the experience and proper equipment for the job at hand and who are responsible for their equipment if breaks down. Just my .02
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