LX3310/2610 Rear work lights


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Nov 20, 2022
I just picked up a used LX3310 a couple of months ago. I mainly bought it for clearing snow at my company's parking lot. That being said, most of the time, ill be working at night or early morning, so the more light, the better. I already had a nice set of Rigid Industry LEDs sitting around, so I figured I'd mount them up. I took a couple of quick measurements, put it into CAD, and cut out these brackets on my CNC plasma cutter. The right side was pretty straightforward. On the left, however, I wanted to mount a beacon. I used a 4" 1x1 square tube welded with a circle cut out that matches my beacon. I used 12g steel for the right side and 3/16 for the left side since it's carrying a little more weight.

As far as the wiring goes for the LED lights, Kubota already has the wiring provisions, so I cut off the ends and added my own weatherproof connectors. You will need a switch (TD350-75360); yes, it's $60. To connect the switch, you must remove the dash's plastic cover. Three screws are holding it on 2 of them will be at the bottom of each side; it's a 10mm bolt. Then the one that took me a minute to find was a Phillips screw in the center, right behind the steering wheel. Once those are removed, the dash lifts, and you will find the connector for your new switch taped in there. Connect it, and you're done.

If you're doing what I did with a beacon, you can go about it two ways. Once you can set your flash pattern then, cut the wires and wire it in with your rear work lights, or you can run a new wire that includes your Positive, Negative, and flash pattern selector. I found you can pop the plastic cover off the rear pillar. Remove all the screws from the front and back, and the piece will pop off. You will see a big factory wire. Do your best to follow that wire past the gear sector/PTO levers so as not to interfere with them. You can pull up the rubber floor to see that big factory wire. That will get you up into the dash area. Again try to find a path where the factor wires are so you don't interfere with your steering.

I hope this helps someone. Before I started, I looked for info on doing this and couldn't find anything. If anyone is interested in getting a set of brackets, I can certainly cut a few sets out.
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