Lowering the Roll Bar and Canopy Shade on a Kubota Tractor


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May 18, 2022
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I remember when JEEPs had roll bars, also know when 'they' renamed them to 'light bars', to avoid lawsuits.
I actually worked at Jeep body engineering in the early 90s. It was officially called a "sport bar" for exactly the reason you state, but it was fully engineered as a structural part of the chassis to provide roof-crush protection.

I am of the opinion that ROPS is both - to prevent rolling beyond sideways in all but the steepest terrain, and to provide some operator protection in case it does. But this is all armchair quarterbacking, to be fair.
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May 24, 2019
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I say give up on the idea of a canopy. Remove the ROPS completely. Easy to get the tractor where you want it then. Why worry about it?

Live long and prosper…

I tipped my B2910 on its side once. The ROPS did stop the action at that point. More cautious now. Would I make it shorter? Don’t think so. The unexpected does happen.


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Feb 9, 2021
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The ROPS is NOT a roll bar. It is not intended to protect your head either. It is designed to stop the tractor from rolling over more than 90 degrees ( on it's side ).
That's an interesting distinction and one that I hadn't thought about. I have thought about rolling over and having a big rock or boulder try to occupy the same space as me! Rolling a tractor is definitely something that worries me when I'm on one of mine. Now that I have cabbed tractors there's no way to easily or quickly jump off or clear of a rolling tractor so I should wear the seat belt. I'm probably overly cautious but I don't know how out of whack these tractors can get before the decide to roll.