L3901 and L3301


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Kubota L47
Nov 22, 2021
Can you burn? I want a chipper, but burning is much cheaper. I also have a bunch of wood that's been on the ground and wouldn't be good for a chipper.

Grapple is one of the best implements to buy. I would follow that with a rotary cutter. Box blade and tiller can wait unless your building a road or garden.
D ye

Yea I’m planning on rotary cutter then grapple…would get grapple first but it’s unavailable.

I got long trails and it’s really scattered what I need to chip…would be too much moving around to get a brush burn pile going. But yea I’ve been trying to find alternatives to avoid chipper as a good one not made in china is like 4k. I thought of using rotary cutter as maybe good enough and was going to try that first.

Need the box blade for fixing trails and then leveling out areas I cleared of brush. I’ve been doing lots of bucket back dragging atm, but that is slow and results aren’t the best.

Tiller can wait for sure, but would be nice to bundle everything in one of those 0% land pride implements financing things.