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Jul 1, 2010
Questions about L35 TLB to fellow owners:

(1) Yellow glowplug lamp on dashboard remains lit while running. Where should I start looking? Glowplugs? Relay controller? Something else?

(2) Front axle 4-wd oil seals leaking both sides at (terminology??) downcomer from axle just inboard and above hub. What does this repair involve?

(3) Does the entire 3-point assembly come off the machine to mount the BT900 hoe? I see a mention in the manual about removing the drawbar but nothing about the lift arms and turnbuckles.

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts on my behalf.

/s/Stubbyie, Kurious Kubota Owner.


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Mar 27, 2011
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There seems to be atleast 2 different glowplug setups, On my B5100E I turn the key to the left to preheat the glowplugs and the indicator lights and eventually the coil glows red,When I turn the key back past off and to the right to the crank/start position and the tractor starts the glowplug indicator is no longer illuminated.

On my B7500HSD I turn the ignition key to the right and there is a position in the switch just befor the start/crank that illuminates the glow plug indicator light, I hold for several seconds and then proceed to crank and the tractor starts after which the key rebounds to the run position and the glow plug indicator is not lit, However on a few occasions the switch has not rebounded fully to the run position and the glow plug light will remain lit, I simply turn the key slightly to the left(run position ) and the light goes out.
This happened a few times and I sprayed a shot of CRC into the key switch and it cured the problem

B5100S Glow plug/off/run/start
B7500HSD Off/run/glowplug/start

Hope this helps


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Mar 31, 2009
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1. On my L35, it is the glow plug controller that is bad. About $75 for a new one. You need to kill the power that goes to the glow plugs till you get it fixed. Because the glow plugs are on all the time the yellow light is lit.
2. New seals. I fixed mine once, but you need a press. I used a c-clamp and other shade tree mechanic tools. But, I got one of the seals in backwards and it started leaking again. So I took the steering assembly (just the outside part) to my Kubota dealer and had them do it over for me. It has not leaked since.
3.You have to remove the hitch arms, turnbuckles, and rods that go from the hitch arms to the rockshaft. You may be able to put BT900 hoe on with the 3pt hitch stuff in place, but I've never tried it.

Good Luck!